Ep #129: Are You Committed to Your Success?

Over the past year, we have had some serious wins going on in the EntreMD Business School. So when we held EntreMD Live a few weeks ago, I just had to showcase some of the amazing docs in the program. And the response from the audience was incredible, but it also raised a few very […]

Ep #127: The Power of Messy Action

I’m recording this episode the day before EntreMD Live 2021, and as I was sitting, visualizing the event and working through all the scenarios, making sure that I can bring the absolute best value, I thought about an email I received recently about the first-ever live event I hosted a couple of years ago. I […]

Ep #125: The Doctor, The Business, The Empire

We just had EntreMD Live last weekend, and we had an incredible time. And looking at what these physicians have achieved over the last 12 months got me thinking about our live event last year. So, on this episode, I’m sharing the introduction from that event in 2020 so you can hear where these amazing […]

Ep #123: Step Into Your Zone of Genius

I was in a session this week with a group I meet with regularly, and we’ve started giving presentations on our areas of expertise that we think could help each other out. And the first one was this incredible woman who has a real knack for home management. What she has achieved to keep her […]