“Thank you, Dr.Una, for turning what I thought was a hobby to a full-fledged growing business. You’ve helped me to strategize and see my side hustle is something that can sustain me financially. I look forward to working with you throughout my business life cycle.” Dr. Yinka Skin

Creator DYS skin care line

“Before I started working with Dr. Una, I had tried two or three other physician coaches. But Dr. Una was a perfect mix of compassion, empathy, grace, kindness, and realism. She is firm and direct, yet soft and approachable. I have enjoyed working with her, and cannot wait to get back on track from my brief hiatus.” Dr. Uche Umeh

Pediatrician, Teen Suicide Expert and National Keynote speaker

“I had been on this journey for almost 6 months and Dr. Una was the first person to not only demonstrate a keen understanding for the challenges I faced as a pediatrician trying to break into the DPC (direct primary care) market but also took me a step backward to really explore any misgivings I had about proceeding. As a result, I was able to formulate a short term plan with multiple steps that I could take right away while starting to consider other possible private practice options that may actually be a better fit for me than DPC.” Dr. Angela May

“In the four months since working with Dr. Una and following her advice, the revenue I consistently made in a month, I now regularly make in a day. I am overwhelmed with gratitude.” Dr. Catherine Toomer