"I am a family medicine physician, national media expert contributor and model. I have been a part of EntreMD for 1 year now. I take pride in being part of this tribe. Before EntreMD, I felt hopeless. I was in the second year of attending-hood in this rat race that I didn’t see any way out of. A race that seemed like it would end in burn out, moral injury, and being unfulfilled without any financial or time freedom. Now, I have hope. I have action steps to achieve what I want and my results are proportional to the work that I put in. I was able to negotiate a 4 day work week and other benefits. I have built my personal brand so I am now in control of my career. Dr Una has given us skills, strategy and direction. Plus the tribe around me... it’s wonderful to have colleagues who feel like me and have similar experiences. We have victories and share our lives together."

Dr. Barbara Joy

Family Medicine, GA

"My greatest challenge before EntreMD was getting out of my own way and also streamlining my ideas and honing my message. I learned to identify my ideal client, how to convert my ideas into revenue-generating activities, and how to set goals. I felt like I finally had a road map to success and guardrails to keep me on track. Most importantly, I felt like I had a safety net of support and accountability when stepping out of my comfort zone. What would have kept me awake at night before, I now do without hesitation. My confidence and comfort levels have painlessly grown. I am amazed by my transformation and how seamless it felt - not just for my business, but for my family as well. I have more income which has given me financial independence. I went to check my numbers and my patient volume has increased by 467% and revenue has increased by 613%. My daughters have watched me build a business from the ground up and have become entrepreneurial-minded themselves; I have more control of my time and have more of it; My stress level has dropped which has had a wonderful effect on my marriage... too much good to list."

Dr. Catherine Toomer

Family Medicine, SC

“I joined EntreMD because I knew I had a message and a tool to help physicians generate income, but I did not appreciate the value I had to offer. I also have a lot of ideas and lots of starts without completing anything meaningful- so I needed the accountability to stick with my own plan. Since working with EntreMD I have become more visible talking about Real Estate investing. People now recognize me as an authority on the subject of Real Estate, and tag me in groups when questions arise. I have made money from my challenges and course and I just launched a membership group. If you are thinking of working with Dr. Una, just do it. Simply take the leap and commit to actually following the instruction you receive. It will be uncomfortable at times, but trust me, those moments of discomfort will push you into exactly where you need and want to be. “

Dr. Chiagozie

“Before EntreMD I was not sure I had a business. I felt confused and unsure as to whether or not to spend time trying to build my business idea. Because of EntreMD, I was able to grow my business from making no money to having my first 5 digit month in less than a year, which includes taking time off for maternity leave and COVID-19. I am confident that I am now a business owner and that people want and need my help. It’s a blessing to have a second stream of income as well.”
Dr. Caroline Clerisme

Dentist, NH

“I can’t even remember how I met Dr. Una, but it was like an angel descended at the right time. I was contemplating leaving my private practice and just needing the guidance of someone experienced, confident, and inspirational. I have a path forward now! I feel excited to jump in and do the work because I’ve identified the “why” and am working on believing that I know the how :). Without EntreMD, I would have remained stuck and feeling powerless and frustrated. Most of all, I am reminded every day to be the example to my 2-year old daughter, and that my working hard is going to help me build the best possible future for her.”
Dr. Jasmine

“I was introverted but wanted to make my mark as an employed physician. I have found my voice and my worth even while working for someone else. I have learned so many new things that make my work life very interesting and fulfilling. I have been able to get some more time at home with family. “
Dr. Kereese Gayle-Farias

Pediatrician, GA

“Thank you, Dr.Una, for turning what I thought was a hobby to a full-fledged growing business. You’ve helped me to strategize and see my side hustle is something that can sustain me financially. I look forward to working with you throughout my business life cycle.”
Dr. Yinka Skin

Creator DYS skin care line

“I contacted Dr. Una at the beginning of the pandemic as I needed to make my brand new practice work. See, I moved to a new office on March 1 and by March 13, we had to close the doors! I didn’t know what to do but I knew that I didn’t want to be in the statistics of failing. I’m an athlete so I know the importance of good coaching so I thought…I need a good business coach! Working with Dr. Una, I had my best month EVER when we were able to open six weeks later. By May, I did almost three times my best month! I am beyond excited and now setting new goals! I hired some new staff and I just feel great. I also have more time and energy for my kids and husband. The rest of your best life is on the other side of saying yes.”

Dr. Jennifer Breedlove


“Before I started working with Dr. Una, I had tried two or three other physician coaches. But Dr. Una was a perfect mix of compassion, empathy, grace, kindness, and realism. She is firm and direct, yet soft and approachable. I have enjoyed working with her, and cannot wait to get back on track from my brief hiatus.”
Dr. Uche Umeh

Pediatrician, Teen Suicide Expert and National Keynote speaker

“I had been on this journey for almost 6 months and Dr. Una was the first person to not only demonstrate a keen understanding for the challenges I faced as a pediatrician trying to break into the DPC (direct primary care) market but also took me a step backward to really explore any misgivings I had about proceeding. As a result, I was able to formulate a short term plan with multiple steps that I could take right away while starting to consider other possible private practice options that may actually be a better fit for me than DPC.”
Dr. Angela May