Why stop at MD

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EntreMD ?

Hi! I’m Dr. Una

I help physicians build profitable businesses so they can live life and practice medicine on their own terms.

Everything you have accomplished up until now is only
a stepping stone to what comes next.


I am the founder of a Ivy League Pediatrics, a multi-site pediatric practice in Georgia. In 8 years, it has become very successful and has been voted ‘Best of Gwinnett’ four years in a row and has been rated 5 stars by more than 200 parents in Georgia. While building this, I developed a love for entrepreneurship and have since built other thriving businesses as well.

I started off scared, ignorant and feeling like an imposter because I am a doctor, not a business person. Over the years, I learned that the two do not have to be mutually exclusive and I embraced the business world. Now I am a better doctor and I have a greater impact on the healthcare industry because I am an entrepreneur. Also, I am able to practice medicine on my own terms, develop my other interests and best of all, not miss time with my family.


“Thank you, Dr.Una, for turning what I thought was a hobby to a full-fledged growing business. You’ve helped me to strategize and see my side hustle is something that can sustain me financially. I look forward to working with you throughout my business life cycle.” Dr. Yinka Skin

Creator DYS skin care line

“Before I started working with Dr. Una, I had tried two or three other physician coaches. But Dr. Una was a perfect mix of compassion, empathy, grace, kindness, and realism. She is firm and direct, yet soft and approachable. I have enjoyed working with her, and cannot wait to get back on track from my brief hiatus.” Dr. Uche Umeh

Pediatrician, Teen Suicide Expert and National Keynote speaker

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