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The Visibility Formula

Taking Your Business From Best Kept Secret To Household Name

One of the greatest myths out there is “if you build it, they will come.” The truth of the matter is they will not! Not unless you do the work to attract the people who desperately want your product or service. Walking away from this myth and learning how to make your brand visible can add millions of dollars in revenue to your business, every year.

This book will show you a simple formula to take your business from best-kept secret to household name. Following the step-by-step process in this book will position you as the go-to expert and help you attract the patients and clients you want.

Doctors have been sold a lie that they don’t make great entrepreneurs.

When Dr. Nneka Unachukwu started her practice in 2010, there were no coaching programs, podcasts, or YouTube channels around to teach her how to be a physician entrepreneur. She had some resources, but what she really wanted was to meet with people like her.

Made for More is the peer resource Dr. Unachukwu wishes she’d had. With stories from over forty doctors from the EntreMD Business School, see how these physician entrepreneurs overcame fear, self-doubt, lack of experience, and other obstacles to create success on their terms. Follow their journeys to thriving physician entrepreneurship through endeavors such as building their brands and starting private practices, coaching practices, and nonprofits.

It’s normal to want more. Let the stories within open your eyes to new possibilities and teach you practical steps you can take to start your journey to more.

Not everyone can do what it takes to become a doctor—
but you did. From graduating medical school to completing your residency, each step has gotten you closer to living the life you’ve envisioned since first completing that med school application.

But are you living the life you want?

You signed up to save lives and help change the world, not to build a brand and become an  entrepreneur. Still, to succeed, you need a plan for navigating the business of your profession.

In The EntreMD Method, pediatrician and entrepreneur Nneka Unachukwu provides a roadmap for strategizing your business and building a successful brand that reflects your goals. Whether you’re interested in coaching and consulting, running a product-based business, starting a nonprofit, or opening a  private practice, leveraging proven sales and marketing practices will help lay the financial foundation you personally need. Learn how to tackle this next challenge head-on and take control of your life with Dr. Una’s roadmap for living life on your terms.


Dr. Una

Dr. Nneka Unachukwu is a board-certified pediatrician and the founder and CEO of Ivy League Pediatrics outside of Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated from the University of Nigeria College of Medicine and completed her  residency in New Jersey before opening her own practice.

After honing her entrepreneurial skills, Dr. Una created the EntreMD business school,  podcast, and community to help physicians build personal brands around their expertise, open practices, and develop product lines. Featured in Forbes and a member of the Forbes Business Council, she has helped doctors all over the world leverage entrepreneurship to build lives they love.