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Ep #191: 3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make Every Day

There are three mistakes that entrepreneurs make every single day. However, I bet they’re not what you’re expecting. Every entrepreneur makes these mistakes at some point, at least in some proportion. I’ve made these mistakes myself countless times, but I’ve renewed my commitment to stop, and you should too. We all have the same 24 […]

Ep #189: How I Handle Comparisons and FOMO

The EntreMD Podcast with Dr. Una | How I Handle Comparisons and FOMO

Are you making decisions with intention, or from a place of FOMO and comparison? I see entrepreneurs struggling with this all the time, and it’s a losing strategy to make your business decisions based on what others are doing. In my own entrepreneurial journey, I’ve take four steps to counteract the FOMO and comparison. These […]

Ep #187: 3 Ways to Increase Your Business Revenue This Week

One question I always ask my clients is, “What’s one revenue-generating thing you’re doing today that’s going to grow your business?” And invariably, I’d get answers that are not necessarily revenue-generating things, like tweaking a website, designing a workbook, and stuff like that. Now, while these are all important things that need doing, we need […]

Ep #185: Make a 3 Month Content Calendar in 60 Minutes

One thing that new entrepreneurs struggle with the most is creating content. So today, we’re demystifying this process, and by the end of this episode, the idea of creating content will no longer feel like an anxiety-inducing burden and you can embrace your role as a creator. As physicians, we are content-creating machines. We have […]

Ep #183: The Cavalry is Here!

There’s a lot of stuff going on in the medical space. I was reading an article recently that showed that four out of five physicians are currently experiencing burnout. Now, that’s a lot of doctors. This is an epidemic. So, if you are one of the 800,000 doctors feeling the strain, I want you to […]