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How to Become a Medical-Legal Consultant as a Part-Time Gig

A Medical Legal Consultant

Although the general public may not understand why on earth a physician would want to have a part-time gig, as an entrepreneurially-minded doctor, it makes perfect sense. No matter what your motivation (contributing to your retirement if you started saving later in life, funding a particular goal, paying down debt, transitioning to a second-stage career, […]

Clinical vs. Executive Healthcare Salary: How Do They Compare? 

Clinical Healthcare Professionals

When comparing the executive and clinical healthcare salaries, it only makes sense to ensure that we’re defining these terms the same way. So, for this blog post, we’re going to set a parameter that both career options being compared assume the jobs require a medical degree. Clinical care, as defined by Law Insider, describes this […]

Ep #257: How to Price Your Products and Services Ethically

EntreMD with Dr. Una | How to Price Your Products and Services Ethically

Today’s topic is something some people consider a little controversial, and it’s massively misunderstood, especially in the physician community. We’re talking about ethical pricing in this episode, and why not understanding it will hurt your business, your profitability, and your experience of being an entrepreneur. We need to be comfortable and confident when it comes […]

The Ultimate Guide on The HMPS Summit (Updated 2022)

The HMPS Summit

The Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit (HMPS) has been held annually for the past 27 years. Established by The Forum for Healthcare Strategists in 1996, the stated purpose of the Summit is to “collectively and critically examine strategies for the delivery and financing of healthcare.” This forum is made up of a network of […]

10 Places to Apply as a Physician/Healthcare Keynote Speaker

A Physician Keynote Speaker

John Mattone, one of the world’s top executive coaches and leadership speakers, writes that a keynote speaker “sets the pitch for a seminar, convention, or technical meeting–similar to how the oboe (the instrument least affected by ambient conditions) sets the pitch for tuning an orchestra.” He says that excellent keynote speakers will have “the ability […]

Ep #253: 5 Powerful Strategies I Used to Hit 300K Podcast Downloads

EntreMD with Dr. Una | 5 Powerful Strategies I Used to Hit 300K Podcast Downloads

This podcast hit two major milestones last week. We released our 250th episode, which is amazing. But the very same day, we crossed the 300,000 download mark, which is unbelievable. So, in today’s episode, I’m sharing with all of you the powerful strategies that allowed us to hit 300,000 downloads. Here at EntreMD, I’m all […]

[Guide] Which Physician Jobs Are Available Without Residency?

If you’re currently a practicing doctor, you know all too well the hours of blood, sweat, and tears it took to get to where you are now. If you’re considering a medical career as a doctor, you might view the next years of your life as you would view climbing to the top of Mount […]