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[Guide] What Salary Can Medical Consultants Earn in 2023?

Medical Consultant Salary

As there are two types of physician consultations, let’s start with what those are before we speculate on how much a medical consultant can earn in 2023. These two types of consultants are: Traditional physician consultants Subject matter physician consultants In the broadest of terms, the difference between these two types of consulting work is […]

The Pros and Cons of Real Estate Investing for Doctors

Doctor Investing in Real Estate

The truth is that we, as doctors, make a lot of money. While actual numbers vary depending on what source you read, Glassdoor estimates the average salary of a physician in the U.S. is $226,225. That’s the median number, the midpoint of the range. With additional pay in the form of cash bonuses, commissions, tips, […]

The Ultimate Guide to Transitioning to a Career in Pharma

A Pharmaceutical Doctor

If the research numbers are correct, one in five physicians intends to leave their practice within the next two years. In a survey of more than 20,000 respondents, the leading reason for this is due to COVID-related stress. Medscape also surveyed 2,500 physicians on why doctors were contemplating leaving their clinical practices, and the numbers […]

The Ultimate Guide to Physician Emotional Burnout

Physician Emotional Burnout

The stats on burnout across the country are concerning. In 2019, the World Health Organization classified burnout as a “syndrome caused by chronic workplace stress.” If that was true in 2019, before the pandemic, it’s certainly more true now. As society changes from an industrial society to a service economy, psychological pressure is increasingly translating […]

5 of The Top Reasons That Doctors Quit Their Jobs

Doctor Deciding to Quit

We’ve all heard the term “The Great Resignation.” In May of last year, Texas A&M University organizational psychologist Anthony Klotz cited COVID-19 as causing workers to consider whether their jobs made them happy or gave them a sense of purpose. He called it the “pandemic epiphany.” I’m fairly certain that while this may be the […]

States and Countries: Where Do Doctors Earn The Most Money?

Team of Doctors

Now that we’re nearing the end of 2022, I thought we could look at which U.S. states and countries are paying their physicians the most. The International Monetary Fund released their world economic outlook update in July and titled it “Gloomy and More Uncertain.” In a nutshell, global inflation is up because of the uptick […]

What is a Physician Coach and How Can You Become One?

A Physician Coach

Coaching has been around since the beginning of time. For millennia, the more experienced demonstrated and taught, the less experienced tried and learned. Ancient Greek athletes were supported by former champions of the same sport while they practiced. The University of Oxford used the word “coach” as early as the 1830s to refer to a […]

How Doctors Can Earn Money Reviewing Health Insurance Claims

Doctor Reviewing Insurance Claim

There’s a great (and growing) demand for physicians who can review health insurance claims in the United States. As more people can afford health insurance, the country started to see a rise in the number of times claims were denied by an insurance company. Individual states began to pass legislation that forced the insurance companies […]

How to Become a Medical-Legal Consultant as a Part-Time Gig

A Medical Legal Consultant

Although the general public may not understand why on earth a physician would want to have a part-time gig, as an entrepreneurially-minded doctor, it makes perfect sense. No matter what your motivation (contributing to your retirement if you started saving later in life, funding a particular goal, paying down debt, transitioning to a second-stage career, […]

Clinical vs. Executive Healthcare Salary: How Do They Compare? 

Clinical Healthcare Professionals

When comparing the executive and clinical healthcare salaries, it only makes sense to ensure that we’re defining these terms the same way. So, for this blog post, we’re going to set a parameter that both career options being compared assume the jobs require a medical degree. Clinical care, as defined by Law Insider, describes this […]