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Ep #295: How I Reinvented Myself and Built My Dream Private Practice with Dr. Cheruba Prabakar

What, exactly, was it that took Dr. Cheruba Prabakar to the next level, where her dream of opening a private practice became a reality?

Dr. Cheruba put herself in a room of examples.

She had to be proactive in finding this room. It’s much easier to find the rooms of people who tell you to “be careful” or “that seems like too much work.” But once she got there, she got incredible support and inspiration from other forward-thinkers like herself. She got the encouragement and know-how to move toward her goals.

And while starting a private practice takes a lot of time and work, Dr. Cheruba says she feels like she took a shortcut by joining the EntreMD Business School. It was there that she leveraged the vast experience of other physicians in the EBS community to discover the tried-and-true methods for opening her dream practice. 

Her practice is up and running and going strong! And now she’s part of the room of examples. Let her inspire you in today’s episode, “How I Reinvented Myself and Built My Dream Private Practice with Dr. Cheruba Prabakar” on the EntreMD Podcast.

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