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The EntreMD Podcast

Ep #300: How I Built Multiple Streams of Income from My Social Media Presence With Dr. Prem Tripathi

What’s the secret to building multiple streams of income simply through social media presence?

No, it’s not prepping a deep library of content in advance. No, it’s not having training on being in front of a camera. No, it’s not even about being 100% in love with and in touch with social media.

That’s right—you can be a physician who’s never been on camera and has no time to build a library of content and doesn’t even like social media (any of this sound familiar?!) … and still have enough impact to generate revenue through your social media presence!



That’s it. You get better with reps. You get more comfortable with more reps. You find your niche with reps. You get good at knowing what people what to learn, and you teach it the way you do best (this is the part when you realize you will never run out of content—believe me). You just might even find yourself enjoying this whole social media thing (and your followers will notice and multiply and CONVERT!).

All of this comes straight from fellow physician and TikTok magician, Dr. Prem Tripathi (@ drpremtripathi on social).

You will LOVE everything he shares in my newest podcast episode, “How I Built Multiple Streams of Income from My Social Media Presence.” 

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