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Ep #302: How to 10X Your Investment On Any Business Conference You Attend

Have you ever wondered if the cost of conferences is worth it? There’s the financial investment, of course, but there’s also opportunity cost of being away from your family, being away from work, having to travel, etc. What if I told you how to 10x the ROI so it’s more than worth it to attend? Let’s go!

  1. Make the decision to get something out of it (don’t just wait to see what happens). Doing this has allowed me to trace hundreds of thousands of dollars back to these events.
  2. Approach the content with a beginner’s mindset. Even masters must be curious and open to learning because there is always something to learn.
  3. Network. I know that’s a buzzword and makes introverts like me break out in hives, but I have some quick-and-dirty tips for you on overcoming this. 

Listen to my newest podcast episode for those tips and the other 3 ways to up your ROI for business conferences!

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