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Ep #305: The 4 Things That Stop Doctors from Crossing $100K in Revenue

I’m going to give you a little pep talk. I’d like to start by saying … YOU HAVE UNMATCHED VALUE.

Your ideas, your business, your service—it’s all valuable and it’s exactly what this world needs. Someone (lots of someones, in fact) are looking for someone just like you, at this very moment, selling exactly what you’re selling. They want it. They need it. It will make their life better.

YOU will make their life better.

Can you do me a favor and read that all again? I want to at least get started on the No. 1 obstacle doctors like you face on your way to earning $100,000 in revenue.

It’s mindset.

You don’t believe your own value and your own ability to be a physician entrepreneur. But I do—I believe in you.

For more on this and the three other hurdles in the way, stop what you’re doing and listen to this right away!

EntreMD podcast episode 305, “The 4 Things That Stop Doctors from Crossing $100K in Revenue.”

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