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The EntreMD Podcast

Ep #310: How to Create a Stable Team For Your Private Practice in the Midst of the Great Resignation

Maybe a key person in your practice has left …

Maybe you’re doing vitals and vaccines at your practice because at this time it’s HARD to put together a reliable team that stays …

For all the physicians out there who are feeling overwhelmed due to staffing or workload or hiring issues …

Lean in.

I interviewed Fatima Sparks on the EntreMD Podcast, and she got REAL about the struggles of creating a strong team amidst the Great Resignation.

As a seasoned practice manager who develops and repairs processes for business growth, Fatima leaves you with powerful tips you will not want to miss.

This is an important episode to share with doctors in your life. This is exactly what the physician community needs to hear now.

EntreMD Podcast #310, “How to Create a Stable Team in the Midst of the Great Resignation.”

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