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Ep #314: Upleveling Your Business: How Simple It Can Be with Dr. Emeka Obidi

When you are part of the vibrant EntreMD Business School community, you always have a group of impossibility thinkers ready to workshop ideas with you.

Dr. Emeka Obidi was bouncing around ideas with his small group and asked for help. They came through in a BIG way when they helped him work through some new billing and coding strategies. He’s now expecting to bring in an extra $20,000 with just a few alterations to billing!

And it didn’t stop there.

With a few other simple changes, Dr. Emeka saw huge increases in social media engagement—not to mention increased confidence in front of the camera AND enough business to open a second location!

More on upleveing business *simply* in this of the EntreMD Podcast!

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