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The EntreMD Podcast

Ep #330: The Price for Continual Business Growth

Building a business is a cycle. You don’t “arrive.” You will see explosive growth and might think you’ve arrived, but that is followed resetting the vision and a new season of growth like you haven’t seen, impact like you haven’t seen, and revenue like you haven’t seen. It’s critical to embrace this cycle—don’t stop!

When you’re in the building phase, going from doctor to business owner, you are learning and developing skills in marketing, selling, operations, finances, and more. The effort and challenges may feel immense during the initial building phase.

Then comes rebuilding. Embrace the personal growth and reinvention! Go back to your beginner’s mindset to acquire new skills and knowledge. 

In this podcast episode, you’ll recognize the need for continual growth and improvement. Part of building a well-oiled machine is reworking processes and expanding to serve a larger audience. 

Together, we physician entrepreneurs can overcome resistance and embrace the phases of the business building cycle to achieve continual growth. Join the movement and share the podcast to create a shift in the physician community!

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