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The EntreMD Podcast

Ep #333: Using Testimonials to Create 6-Figure Paydays

Think back to the last purchase you made on Amazon. Whether you were looking to buy a little ring light or a big new desk, I bet you took a peek at the item’s rating and reviews. We LOVE to know what real-life people think of the things we’re looking to purchase!

So why not play that up for YOUR business? Sharing testimonials of people who have worked with you can create the paradigm shift your business needs to achieve significant financial success. I found this out when I hosted what I called the EntreMD Business School Expo, where I brought together physician entrepreneurs as a way to connect with and elevate each other. It unintentionally led to massive wins for my business because when they all gathered and heard each other’s EBS success stories, I nearly doubled the initial enrollment in my business school. WHOA.

Testimonials are such a powerful tool for business success, and I have the strategies and frameworks you need to get the most effective testimonials (both written and video testimonials) and leverage them to build your business in a big way. Listen in on this episode for all the info!

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