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The EntreMD Podcast

Ever thought about how embracing entrepreneurship as a physician could dramatically transform your life and career? This episode is for you. Join me on a journey of reflection and inspiration as we usher in the new year, evaluating what worked, what didn’t, and what we can learn from it all. Let’s revisit the Entremd Business School Vision Retreat, where I shared my story – a testament to the power of perseverance and the impact of grit. Hear about my gruelling three-year journey to reach the $100,000 mark, and the subsequent growth that saw me hit a million in 2021 and two million in 2022.

Let’s explore together the immense rewards that await those brave enough to embark on the path of entrepreneurship. Witness firsthand how this journey has transformed me from a mere consumer of business books to a successful business owner, inspiring a community of physicians to redefine their narratives. It’s not just about the financial gains; it’s about the chance to be better, to make a difference, to lead, and to inspire. So, whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, you are not alone. We are a community, ready to share, learn, and grow together. Redefine your narrative. Discover what’s possible. The power is yours. Don’t quit!

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1. EntreMD Business School Advance – If you are looking to make a 180 turnaround in your business in 180 days, this is the program for you.
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3. EntreMD Business School Scale – This is our high-level mastermind for physicians who have crossed the seven figure milestone and want to build their businesses to be well oiled machines that can run without them.

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