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The EntreMD Podcast

Prepare to be empowered, my fellow physicians, as we explore the critical entrepreneurial skills that are becoming essential for navigating the healthcare landscape of 2024. Experience firsthand the gravity of personal branding, and why it’s no mere buzzword but a career-saving strategy in ‘Doctor You Incorporated.’ We confront the uncomfortable realities of job insecurity and discuss how to emerge as a medical maverick, turning your profession into a thriving business that can withstand the volatility of the industry.

Venture with me into the private practice and consulting realms, where the true test of resilience lies. Together, we dissect how to amplify team productivity without burnout, and I shed light on the financial pitfalls that could be silently draining your practice’s revenue. For consultants, it’s time to elevate your business acumen with robust sales and marketing tactics that cut through the noise in an ever-competitive post-pandemic world. Let’s navigate these choppy waters with strategies that promise not just survival but resounding success.

Embrace the philosophy that change is not only inevitable but an opportunity for unprecedented growth. In this episode, I open up about the support networks that Entrée MD provides, designed to guide you through this transformative journey. From insightful podcasts to educational books and intensive business programs, prepare to be equipped with the tools needed to build a lasting legacy. Let’s march forward with confidence, claiming our place at the forefront of the medical business revolution.

When you are ready to work with us, here are three ways.

When you are ready to work with us, here are three ways.

1. EntreMD Business School Advance – If you are looking to make a 180 turnaround in your business in 180 days, this is the program for you.
2. EntreMD Business School Grow – This is our year long program with a track record of producing physician entrepreneurs who are building 6, 7 and 7+ figure businesses. They do this while building their dream lives!
3. EntreMD Business School Scale – This is our high-level mastermind for physicians who have crossed the seven figure milestone and want to build their businesses to be well oiled machines that can run without them.

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