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My why?

I have spoken with countless physicians and I see the pain.

Some are great clinicians who want to build practices that provide top notch care and are efficiently run. They attempt to do just that but their lack of business skills cripples the practice.

Some are in our hospitals and want to climb the corporate ladder but because they are not entrepreneurs at heart, they can’t connect the impact of their work to the bottom line and they can’t negotiate so they are stuck. They want to work their way to the top to change things but they simply can’t.

Some have seen problems in the world they want to fix by creating a service or product, or even speaking on stages. This is noble but it still takes money to run these kind of missions so since they can’t do that, they have to quit.

Some know there is so much more to them. There is so much more they can be, do and have. They want to build non-clinical businesses so they retire early or work part time and spend more time with the kids. While this is the heart desire of many physicians, there is no way to get the freedom to do this except you can figure out how to make a profit.

The problem is this.

We are great clinicians and for most, terrible business people.

I know that with the changes happening in the healthcare industry, the only way to come out on top is to add business skills to your medical skills.

Your MD is no longer enough.

Being a great clinician is no longer enough.

Yes, you may want to just take great care of patients and have someone else handle every other part but that option is off the table!

It is time for us to rise to take control of our careers and our earning power.

It is time for you to become an EntreMD.

Entrepreneur + MD = EntreMD.

Imagine this.

Imagine you embraced the fact that even though you went through all those years of medical training, there is still one more skill you have to learn – business skills.

Imagine that now,

You know how to build a multiple six figure or seven figure business.

You can practice medicine on your own terms.

You know how to turn your side gig into your main gig.

You know how to work less and make more so you have the time to do the things you love.

Think about it for a moment.

How will it make you feel? Fulfilled? Accomplished? At peace?

What will you do with the extra time? More family time? More self care? Pick up a new hobby?

What will you do with the extra money? Pay off debt? Fly your mom to Europe to say thanks for everything.

What kind of legacy will you be able to leave for your children and the world around you?

You are only one skill away from the life and career of your dreams.

I want to help you acquire that skill.

Not just you, but I want to help 80,000 doctors do just this.

So I have two questions for you.

1 – Will you let me help you?

2 – Will you help me spread the word to 80,000 doctors?

If you have read this far, I know your answer to my questions is yes, so let me show you how.

The first place to start is a community of like minded doctors, the #EntreMD tribe.

You can click here to join EntreMD Tribe

To help me spread the word, just share this blog piece with the doctors in your life and encourage them to join the tribe.

Together we can build a community of doctors who are empowered and free!!!!

Welcome to the tribe and thank you for spreading the word.

Dr. Una