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Your dreams are valid

I remember starting my practice nine years ago.

I was filled with feelings of inadequacy. 

I felt others could own thriving practices and I couldn’t.

I felt others had what it took but I didn’t.

I felt the dreams of others were valid but mine wasn’t! 

That practice, Ivy League Pediatrics has gone on to be Best of Gwinnett for the last 4 years and has thrived in spite of the stiff competition in the area.

I have hundreds of parents and kids who are raving fans and who thank me every day for what we do at Ivy League Pediatrics. 

My dream was valid.

I said all that to say this to you.

Your dreams are valid!

You’ve had a business idea since forever, but it does not look like what others are doing…

It’s still valid.

You have a business you’ve thought of starting but ‘everyone is doing it’…

It’s still valid.

You started a business but are not promoting it because of what others will think about it…

It’s still valid.

Your ideas seem different because you are different.

And you know what else?

We are waiting for you to do you!

What if a pineapple plant never produced fruit because it didn’t look like an apple?

What if you didn’t go to medical school because there are so many doctors?

What if Netflix was not launched because it looked so different from Blockbuster?

The world needs your business!

Say yes, then figure out the rest later.

Own your idea, be proud of your idea and go to work to make it a reality.

Someone has a problem your idea will solve.

That someone is waiting on you to go to work, so go.

If you need help, just reach out, I’d be happy to. 

Whatever you do, don’t not do it!