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The EntreMD Podcast

Ep #225: How to 10X the Effect of Your Facebook Ads

The EntreMD Podcast | How to 10X the Effect of Your Facebook AdsI had a conversation with my Facebook Ads guy recently about our strategy for upcoming events. Now, I’ve always known that there are must-do things for FB Ads to make an impact, but what I discovered by the end of this conversation was a real game-changer, and I’m sharing it with you today.

Now, you can create enormous revenue without using any kind of advertising. However, a lot of entrepreneurs tell themselves they can’t do ads because they’re too expensive (and many other excuses). But the truth is, Facebook Ads are like throwing gasoline on the fire, and they can set your business alight in the best way possible.

Tune in this week to discover how to 10X the effect of your Facebook Ads. I’m sharing three amazing ways to ensure your ads make an impact, and how you can start engaging clearly with clients and keep them in your circle after you’ve engaged them.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The common excuses I get for why people don’t want to use Facebook Ads.
  • 3 ways to 10X the impact of your advertising campaigns.
  • How clarity around your message always leads to higher conversions.
  • The importance of organic marketing alongside your Facebook Ads strategy.
  • How to nurture the leads you get from your Facebook Ads campaign, so you can keep your audience happy.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Hi docs, welcome to The EntreMD Podcast, where it’s all about helping amazing physicians just like you embrace entrepreneurship so you can have the freedom to live life and practice medicine on your terms. I’m your host, Dr. Una.

Well hello, hello everybody. This is Dr. Una and welcome to another episode of The EntreMD Podcast. As always I’m super pumped that I get to be in your ears today. We are going to be talking about something that is going to be very fascinating.

I had a conversation with my Facebook Ads guys and we were talking about the Facebook Ads strategy for EntreMD Live and all of that stuff. And I’ve always known that there are things that you need to do, there are things you have to have in place for you Facebook Ads to really, really work.

So, we had this whole session and at the end of the session I was like, “Okay, what is my part to play? What am I supposed to be doing from when the ads go live so that I can get the most out of these ads?” And the conversation we had was so mind blowing that I was like, man, I’m just going to go make a whole podcast episode about this because it felt like validation because these are all the things that I had been thinking.

And if you don’t know this, in 2021 I made a decision, I was like you know what? I am going to create $1 million in revenue with no ads, okay? I’m going to do that. And the reason why I did that is because I live as an example.

I live as an example of what is possible and I know a lot of people feel my business is not working because I’m able to put enough money in ads or I’m not able to use ads and stuff. But I’m like, but organic marketing works. And I did that because I wanted to say you can do seven figures without ads.

Now, is there anything wrong with ads? No, but ads is really like gasoline to fire. But there has to be fire first, right? Then you put the ads, you throw the ads at that.

And so I did a podcast episode earlier, and we’ll link to it in the show notes, that I called Facebook Ad Abuse. And Facebook ad abuse is kind of like you design a product or you have an event and you put the entire weight of lead generation and marketing on your Facebook Ads.

So you’re not necessarily doing anything, you’re like, “I paid for the ads, so the ads should bring me all the people and this will be wonderful.” And a lot of times that doesn’t work. In fact it almost never works, but I don’t say never. But it almost never works, right?

And so let’s talk about it, let’s talk about what he told me. So I’m like, what is my part to play? What do I do? And he told me three things. So the first thing he said is be clear on your message. Be clear on your message. And he said the clearer you are on your message, the higher your conversion on your ads.

And if you in the EntreMD world, and especially if you’re in the EntreMD Business School you know that our starting point really is your message. It is the start of your branding, it is the start of your thought leadership, it’s the start of massive business growth, it’s the start of massive revenue growth. It is the start of everything, right?

And the thing about it is it’s not exciting, it’s not super cool. And it’s something that’s messy to go into because it’s not yes or no, it’s not one, two, or three, you’re going to kind of have to figure it out. So it’s things that people avoid. But the better that is, the better everything your business will be, including your ads. Including your ads.

Now, before we go any further, I don’t want you to stop anything in your business because you say, oh my message is not as good or anything like that. In my world we use the good enough message, which means you work on your messaging, you get something good enough, you put it out in the market, you test, you come back, you tweak.

So we’re not looking for a perfect message. We’re looking for something that’s good enough, that gives us a platform that we can keep tweaking and tweaking and tweaking. So if you feel like it’s a little messy and stuff like that, you’re in a good place, it’s fine. It’s fine. The important thing is you start working on it and you continue working on it. So I don’t want anybody to get stuck here.

He talked about your message, and what really is your message? Think of it in terms of the clarity around who do I serve? What problem do they have? What outcome do I offer them? Who do I serve? What problem do they have? What outcome do I offer them?

The clearer, the more in tune you are with that, the better your business grows. So your organic marketing is better and you’re paid marketing is better. Everything is better when you are clear on your message, okay?

And we fall in love with our processes, right? What do I help people do? Oh, I help people understand their, and then we go into this whole spiel and you’re like, wait, what? Nobody thinks about that stuff, right? So an easy way to think about this is, let’s say your client woke up in the middle of a night in a cold sweat because they had a nightmare about the pain they have that you fix. What are they thinking?

The more you can tap into that thought, the more money you’ll make. The more people you get to serve, because when you talk it will have such resonance. They’re like, “Oh my goodness, I’ve been looking for you this whole time, the entire time.” So the message, right? The message.

So for instance, we are in the middle of putting content together for EntreMD Live and doing all those things, what is my message for EntreMD Live? I’m saying that this is the number one conference for physicians who want to build six and seven figure businesses, right? It is not cute. It is not super cool. It is a statement of fact and it’s clear, right?

So if I am a physician and my business is struggling, or I haven’t started one, or I’ve started one and I’m doing well but I can’t quite figure out how to get to that next level, I’m looking to go to six figures, multiple six figures, or seven figures, then this is the event for me, it is very clear. So that is a hook, that is a statement, that is a message that is clear to my ideal audience, right?

And so the clearer you are, the more people you have the opportunity to serve, and the more money you’ll make. So even with ads, this work needs to be done. And so in the EntreMD Business School we spend time doing this. And when we put out content, we’re trying to listen to hear what our people are telling us, right? And so we can tweak and we can make adjustments as needed to make our messages better. The better your message, the better your ads will do. Okay?

So that was the first thing he said. Then the second thing he said is, and he said it this way, he said, “My clients who are doing the best, who are killing it with ads are also the people who are driving organic marketing.” I’m like, wait a minute, what do you mean, right? So he said that they’re heavy on organic marketing, especially video. I’m like, all right, so tell me more.

He says they are doing IG lives, they are doing Facebook Lives, they are doing reels, they are doing stories. Okay? So they are out there, they’re engaging, and the more organic engagement they create, the more the Facebook algorithms for the ads are like, yes, the Instagram algorithms for the ads are like, yes, promote this stuff, make it even bigger, right?

And so running away from organic marketing so that you can leverage paid marketing and not do the work of your messaging, and not do the work of creating your content and your thought leadership, it actually negatively impacts your Facebook Ads. And so you don’t want to do one or the other, you want to do both. So embrace them all.

So if you’ve been running away from video, remember that when you are in a platform, to get the best out of the platform you are going to play by their rules, okay? And so which kind of content is the algorithm favoring the most the algorithm is favoring videos, right? They’re favoring videos, it just is what it is.

So he even said for the people who are doing the most, they’re actually not doing a lot of written content with a picture, except it’s like family pictures, or their cute pets and stuff like that. But as far as their business stuff, they’re doing a lot of video, a lot of reels, a lot of stories, and that is driving the most organic engagement. And that is what is up-leveling all of their ads.

And again, that’s why I’m like, guys, no matter what, we have to give organic marketing the place that it needs. We have to give it the respect that it needs and we have to engage with it. So in the business school, in the EntreMD Business School we actually did a challenge that was called the 30 in 30 challenge. And the challenge was to do 30 videos in 30 days.

What does that do? It drives your organic engagements, your organic marketing through the roof. Especially if you’re doing your calls to action, your stories, all of those kinds of things. And so if you haven’t started doing that, then I want to invite you to start, consider it, like say yes to it.

And one of my hobbies is studying businesses, right? And I’ve studied seven, eight, and nine figure businesses, and many of them are really leveraging, really, really leveraging video. And so I’m like, here’s this person with this 100 million dollar business and they are doing a weekly Facebook Live, they’re doing a weekly YouTube Live and stuff like that. And so what’s my excuse?

And the thing about marketing, it’s not just about acquiring a client and making a dollar now. It’s about building your brand, building your thought leadership, dominance of the marketplace. You don’t do that without putting yourself out there. You don’t do that without expressing your thoughts and creating a body of work and all of those kinds of things. So embrace it, embrace all of it.

So in the EntreMD Business School we’re really, really big on that. We’re really, really big on putting yourself out there, doing a lot of video content, doing a lot of organic marketing.

So the third thing he said, the third thing he said is, when you do ads, you get a lot of cold leads. And so what that means is people who maybe don’t know you.

So for instance, a lot of people who come into the EntreMD Business School, they’ve listened to the podcast, they kind of know what I’m about, or they’ve been in my email list, or they’ve been in EntreMD Facebook group. So they’re warm, they know me, they know what I stand for, they know my thought patterns and all of that stuff, my method.

But with ads you have people who don’t know you and they just saw an ad and they’re like, okay, well, you’re doing an event, you’re doing EntreMD Live, let’s see what that’s about. And he said, so if you have a system for nurturing them, engaging with them more, then they can become warm and they stick as opposed to they click on the ad, they sign up for your thing, and they don’t hear from you in two weeks.

By two weeks they’ve forgotten about you. By two weeks you’re sending them stuff and they’re unsubscribing, like I don’t even know who this person is, right? And so for that you have a nurture thing, right? And that could be an email sequence after they sign up. That could just be that you’re doing weekly emails.

That could be like, for instance, for EntreMD Live when you sign up for EntreMD Live, of course, you get emails, but you get the opportunity to come into the EntreMD Facebook group. So there’s more engagement, more touches, and then you have the six hour event so you kind of know what we’re about.

And so the more you can nurture, the better your ads do, right? Because you took them from cold to warm, right? And so I want you to think about this, right? Be clear on your message, drive organic marketing, organic engagement, and then nurture your leads.

And if you think about this, these are the aspects of organic marketing that sometimes we’re tempted to run away from because it is work, right? It is work to figure out your message. And it’s a little nerve wracking too, right? It’s a little messy. Organic marketing is work but, again, it depends on how you choose to look at it.

And then nurturing your leads is work. Or sometimes it’s not even just that it’s work, it’s that I don’t want to send emails, I don’t want to bother people, I don’t want to ask people for stuff, right? And I’m sure many of you can identify with that, just like won’t I be bothering them?

And he even said, my Facebook Ads guy, he said it’s not unusual for them to send three emails a day or four emails a day when they’re in the middle of a launch or the middle of an event or something like that. They’re not afraid to do it, right? And their ads just perform better because that nurture, that factor is there.

And so I’m super excited about this because this is what I thought, right? That the better you are at organic marketing, the better your Facebook Ads will do. You don’t want to run away from it, you want to embrace both of them.

Now, having said that, I want to offer you a different way of looking at it. So when you think about marketing, sometimes oh, it’s sleazy, oh, it’s work and stuff like that. I want you to think about it in different terms, right? That is you serving your audience, like what am I doing now? I’m serving. I’m serving you, I’m helping you discover something that will make your business better.

I’m helping you discover something that will 10x the effect of the money you spend on Facebook Ads, right? And so I’m not walking around feeling like, oh, I’m creating this content, I’m going to post all these things on social media and I’m bothering my people, I’m being sleazy, or I’m just in it for the money, or any of those things. I am fully aware that I’m serving my people. And so I look at it that way.

You might say yeah, but I have to tell them to sign up for my stuff or to buy my stuff and that feels bad. But then again, what is the purpose? So let me use myself. What is the purpose of the EntreMD Business School? EntreMD Business School is a bucket, it’s a platform, it’s a place where I can serve doctors at the highest level and to help them build all these things we’re talking about actually, right?

The messaging, the platforms, the content marketing, all of that. Like taking their businesses to six, seven figures. Many are working on multiple seven figures, some of them are working up to eight, right? And that’s where I serve them. And so I give so much value on the podcast and literally you can change your business with the podcast.

I did much value with the EntreMD Method book, you can change your business on that. But where I get to meet with people every week, host challenges for them, bring them to live events, all of that is in the business school. So when I tell people come join the business school, I’m not trying to take their money, I’m not trying to do any of that.

I am giving them an opportunity to change their lives, to change their businesses, to get unstuck, to be in a community of physician entrepreneurs who are killing it. As opposed to being out there where it’s like, oh, nothing’s working and businesses are dead. And doctors are bad businesspeople, and private practice is dead, and whoa is us. No, they’re in a completely different space.

And so am I selling? Yes. But is that sleazy? No, my drive is to create a bucket where no matter what people pay me, they can 10x to1000x their investments. They can. They absolutely can. That’s my goal, okay?

And so if you think in those kinds of terms, like I’m serving. I’m putting myself out in the marketplace. I’m working on my thought leadership. I’m gaining market dominance. I’m becoming the person who’s known as the person for this thing. If you’re doing that, then marketing is such a great, great thing that you do. And it’s a beautiful part of your business, as opposed to be in this sleazy thing that you do.

All right, so having said that, what do I want you to do? I want you to become an expert at these three things, your message, driving organic engagement, and nurturing your leads, I want you to become an expert. Whether you’re choosing to do ads or not right now, it doesn’t matter, I want you to become an expert at it. Why?

Number one, it will make your business explode. Number two, when you add Facebook Ads to it you are going to be pouring like high level gasoline on a really big fire, right? And so I want you to embrace this, I went to walk away from running away from them, I want you to embrace it and decide I’m going to do this, right?

And think about it. Think about it, if you just said, you know what? For the next quarter I am just going to do this like I mean it, I am just going to own my message. I’m going to put myself out there relentlessly. I’m going to show up live. I’m going to show up on video. I’m going to show up on reels strategically, right, putting my content, my message on there, not just rambling or anything like that.

I’m going to nurture the people who come into my world, and then I’m going to put Facebook Ads on it. And it’s going to be amazing. My business is just going to go through the roof. I can experience more growth in the next 90 days than I have all year. And you can.

So that’s my challenge to you embrace it all, okay? And when those crazy wins start happening, I want you to DM me, PM me, send me an email. Email is, so D-R-U-N-A,, and say, “Dr. Una, you will not believe what happened.” And I will tell you of course I’ll believe you, tell me what happened. Okay? I want to celebrate with you.

So embrace all of these things so that when you do do ads you can 10x to 100x your investment on your ads. So that’s what I have for you. Please share this with the physician entrepreneurs in your life, they will love you forever. And I will see you on the next episode of The EntreMD Podcast.

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