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Ep #85: 5 Businesses Physicians Can Start

I like to regularly ask my community what the number one problem they’re facing is. And the answer is usually something like they want to start a business, but they don’t know how to get started, or even what kind of business they want to try. So, I want to take a moment to address […]

Ep #83: 5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Business Right Now

We live in some interesting times. Who would have ever thought that being a physician doesn’t come with automatic job security? This was pretty much unheard of even 12 months ago. And while this is definitely a problem, it’s also an opportunity for you to create something amazing. Right now is the perfect time to […]

Ep #81: The #1 Question That Will Transform Your Business

We have made it into 2021 and the kinds of questions entrepreneurs are asking themselves are, “What do I need to do and change to make my business thrive throughout the next 12 months?” They’re wondering what they need to do going forward, especially after such a challenging time in 2020. There are so many […]

Ep #78: How to Build Unstoppable Confidence with Dr. Anyaoku

With this being the first episode of 2021, I wanted to bring you something to give you a nice push to start the year with. And believe I have just the thing. I’m sharing part of an interview I conducted with Dr. Nwando Anyaoku for the EntreMD Business School on what is required to be […]

Ep #55: How To Build A Successful Business Without Sacrificing Your Family

Want to listen instead? Go HERE. Are you nervous about balancing your life and overextending yourself? Do you feel like you’re always letting one or multiple balls drop and constantly struggling to keep all things afloat? I want to show you how to build a successful business without sacrificing your family. You might not be […]