Ep #137: What to Do if Your Business Idea Is Already Taken

So, you’ve had a great idea for a business and you’re excited to get started on it. But then you start doing some research, hit search on Google, and you find so many other people doing the exact same thing. What do you do then? This week, I’m showing you what you can do if […]

Ep #135: How to Fall in Love with Your Business

If I told you that you can fall in love with your business, you might think that sounds a little weird. But I want you to stick with me here. What I’m sharing today is really the secret to success because when you love your business, the way you show up is a real game-changer. […]

Ep #133: What Are You Willing to Give Up for Your Success?

Everyone listening to this podcast has something they’re aspiring to. So, whether it’s starting a podcast, registering your business, getting your message out there, or even working towards your first seven figures, what I’m sharing in this episode is something you cannot ignore for a moment longer. We all have something we’re aspiring to, but […]

Ep #131: How to Leverage the Power of Fear

There was a time in my life when fear was a huge issue for me every time I tried something new, to the point that I thought there was something wrong with me. However I’ve discovered that there are so many people out there going through the same thing, so in this episode, we’re going […]