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10 Tips to Build a Client Base With a Private Practice 

Starting your own medical practice is an exciting (and nerve-wracking!) way to take the reins of your medical education and previous healthcare work into your own hands. However, it does come with risk and upfront expenses, which is why the rush towards consolidation within the healthcare community continues to grow. Becker’s Hospital Review revealed that […]

How to Set Goals For Doctors and Medical Practitioners 

Diving into this week’s blog topic of goal setting quickly showed me that there is no shortage of advice online for why to set goals, how to set goals, and tips on how to be successful. My favorite tip and one that I thread throughout my work in EntreMD is, “Work smarter, not harder.” With […]

Ep #205: Behind the Scenes of a Bestseller Book Launch

The EntreMD Method book has been a number one bestseller on Amazon from the day it was released, we’ve sold over 800 copies so far, with over 50 five-star reviews. My goal is to help you live as an example of what’s truly possible for physicians, and this book is an amazing tool that will […]

The Top 7 Ways That Doctors Should Invest Their Money

Investing your money to build wealth is always the dream. In researching this topic, I laughed when I read there are just “Three Simple Steps to Building Wealth.” Really? Just three? And they’re simple? Make money Save money Invest money I did not feel enlightened by reading these three steps, and I don’t imagine anyone […]

Tips to Write and Publish Your First Medical Book

When it comes to writing and publishing any book, there are two distinct but equally important aspects — writing and publishing. If you’re considering writing and publishing a medical book, it’s crucial to know that the writing you’ll do and the work it will take to get a book published can both be monumental. And […]

Ep #201: 7 Scary Things I Had to Do on My Way to a Million Dollars

My new book has just been released. At the time of recording, the book has been out for less than 24 hours, and the results have already been incredible. We hit Amazon Bestseller status in five different categories, including Small Business, which is a big deal. In fact, it’s beyond amazing. But while I have […]

[Guide] Everything You Need to Become a Physician Inventor

As a medical entrepreneur, I’m always interested in ways doctors can build a profitable business, and recently I’ve been intrigued with the idea of physician inventors. Is this something anyone can do with a good idea and a medical degree?   Well, yes. And, no. The more I looked into this business niche, the more […]