Inpatient vs. Outpatient Doctors: Comparing Stress and Lifestyle

So, who’s got it better? Doctors who care for patients on an inpatient or outpatient basis? Which of them has more stress in their job, and does that impact their lifestyle? As we all know, the past three years have changed the landscape of medicine in more ways than we could have imagined possible pre-pandemic. […]

Ep #249: The #1 Way to Decrease Payroll Costs in Your Business

Payroll is one of the highest expenses a business can have. However, it’s also some of the most important money we spend in our business. So, when it comes to reducing payroll costs, what’s the best way to approach doing this in your business, whether that’s a private practice, a personal brand, or anything else? […]

What is The Average Salary of a Telemedicine Doctor? [Guide]

The telehealth field has been exploding in the past few years as doctors and patients have seen how helpful this service can be. On the patient side, eliminating the need to drive to their doctor’s office can save them hours in their busy schedules. They can take their doctor’s call anywhere they have a cell […]

Ep #247: Going Against the Grain with Dr. Malini Khanna

This week, I’m sitting down with EntreMD Business School client, Dr. Malini Khanna. She has just successfully launched her private practice specializing in nonsurgical management of spine and sports injury, six months since making the powerful decision to become a physician entrepreneur, and I’ve loved witnessing every second of her transformation. Dr. Malini has been […]

5 Tips for Doctors Who No Longer Want to Practice Medicine

The American Medical Association (AMA) recently released an article that reports one in five physicians say they will probably leave their practice within the next two years. One in three doctors and other medical professionals report they plan to cut down their work hours over the next 12 months. These findings come from a paper publicized in the Mayo […]

Online Business Courses and Schools for Physicians

People often talk about the art and science of medicine. Recently, the business of medicine has also started to demand physicians’ attention. As a result, more and more physicians are pursuing business education to help them regain control over their professional lives or the future of their careers. And if you want to join the […]

Ep #245: Build Your Personal Brand in Five Simple Steps

At the end of the day, as physicians, we’ve all made a huge investment to become who we are today. We’re talking multiple six figures in debt, over a decade of our lives studying, and so much expertise and experience acquired, even if you’ve just graduated. We worked hard to get where we are today, […]

5 Things You Need to Become an Independent Medical Examiner

When I started to research what it takes to become an independent medical examiner, I found there are actually two distinct and completely different medical jobs that are called by the same name. One independent medical examiner is done by doctors, psychologists, and other licensed healthcare professionals who haven’t been involved in a person’s care […]

Ep #243: How to Keep Moving Forward Relentlessly with Dr. Alicia Shelly

I have a treat for you this week. I’m welcoming Alicia Shelly back to the podcast now that she’s completed her first year in the EntreMD Business School. She’s done amazing things, both as an entrepreneur and in her personal life, and I’m so excited to bring her back so we can get an update […]