Ep #237: How to Become Known for What You Do

Have you ever been in a Facebook Group where somebody says they need a specific type of doctor, and within a few minutes, multiple people have tagged the same doctor in the comments? Well, this is what happens when somebody becomes known for what they do. This is exactly how we all want to be […]

Ep #235: How I Handle the Confusion That Comes with Entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur, confusion is something that comes up all the time. I know it maybe seems like I know what I’m doing 100% of the time, but confusion is part of everyday life as an entrepreneur. It’s all about how you show up and handle the confusion that comes hand-in-hand with entrepreneurship. The truth […]

Ep #233: The 2 Transformations Every Physician Must Experience

Most people start off their journey as entrepreneurs feeling like frauds. We’re used to being amazing physicians, we take care of people, and we don’t talk shop. But if you want to rock your business and consider yourself a serious entrepreneur, there are two transformations you need to make. These two transformations will set the […]

Ep #231: The Stories of Physicians Who Are Examples of What Is Possible

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey at times. There are times we feel stuck, and we think we don’t know the way forward. Well, today’s episode is going to be one like no other. I love bringing you guys examples of what’s possible and what you should be aiming to emulate, and I’m bringing you […]

Ep #227: How to Change Radically

If you want to create a sustainable business that makes an impact, you’re going to need to change radically. This isn’t necessarily about adding more things to how you operate, but creating real exponential change, not because there’s anything wrong with you right now, but because of what you will be able to accomplish on […]

Ep #225: How to 10X the Effect of Your Facebook Ads

I had a conversation with my Facebook Ads guy recently about our strategy for upcoming events. Now, I’ve always known that there are must-do things for FB Ads to make an impact, but what I discovered by the end of this conversation was a real game-changer, and I’m sharing it with you today. Now, you […]

Ep #223: How to Create Quantum Leaps in Your Business

Today, I’m sharing a process that has served me incredibly well over my years as an entrepreneur, creating quantum leaps in my business and paving the way for others to do the same. We’re not just talking about adding services or tweaking your systems. This is about creating radical, exponential growth that blows your own […]

Ep #221: How I Handle Critics and Haters

One thing people always want to know is how I respond to critics and haters. I have had my fair share of haters, even as a pediatrician, so I know that no matter what business you’re in, this is something you’ll have to deal with sooner or later. I personally have had varied experiences with […]

Ep #219: My #1 Lesson from the Business Makeover Mastermind

When I first started thinking about business, I remember letting my fears stop me for way too long. I didn’t own my ideas because they didn’t quite look like what anybody else was doing. However, when I worked on these fears, opportunities started appearing everywhere. And just last week, at the Business Makeover Mastermind for […]