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Ep #302: How to 10X Your Investment On Any Business Conference You Attend

Have you ever wondered if the cost of conferences is worth it? There’s the financial investment, of course, but there’s also opportunity cost of being away from your family, being away from work, having to travel, etc. What if I told you how to 10x the ROI so it’s more than worth it to attend? […]

Ep #301: The #1 Lesson I Learned from Recording 300 Episodes of the EntreMD Podcast

This weekend, I took some time to reflect on the fact that I have recorded 300 podcast episodes of the EntreMD podcast.   The stats are mind blowing.  Top 1% podcast globally.  423,000 downloads.  120 countries.  Countless lives changed. Before I go on, I want to say thank you for listening and subscribing and sharing […]

Ep #299: Time Management Strategies for 7-Figure Entrepreneurs

Busy physician entrepreneurs have to make the most of the time they have, and that starts with reframing how they talk about their time. When you tell yourself you can’t do this or that because you don’t have time, your brain takes that as gospel. So instead, ask yourself HOW you can make it happen. […]

Ep #298: How to Save 8 Hours a Week with Content Creation

I have great news for you. There are SO MANY people just waiting for you to serve them. Your business is exactly what they’re looking for, and you know where they’re looking? Social media. I know you don’t want to hear that, but it’s true—people these days turn to social media first for their information. […]

Ep #297: The Secret Superpower of 7-Figure Entrepreneurs

If you have never thought about building a 7-figure business, I really want to invite you to embrace the idea. And not because of the 7 figures, though the revenue is huge. I’m not even talking about the lives impacted, though that’s also huge. The biggest reward of entrepreneurship is who you become in the […]

Ep #296: Taking Back Control as an Employed Physician with Dr. Weili Gray

If the word “negotiate” stirs up anxiety and dread in you, wait until you hear what Dr. Weili Gray has to say in today’s EntreMD podcast episode. She prefers to look at negotiation as a time to discuss opportunities for everyone to win. That’s exactly what happened when she asked her employer about getting a […]

Ep #294: Business Lessons From Training for an Ironman with Dr. Alicia Shelly

What do Ironman competitions and entrepreneurship have in common? Setting goals (really big ones), believing in yourself (even when everyone else thinks you’re nuts), conquering fears, reaching goals and then reaching higher … the list goes on and on.  And that’s why I can’t wait for you to hear my discussion with Dr. Alicia Shelly […]

Ep #293: How to Defeat the Real Enemy of Your Business

Hate to break it to you, but your own mind is the real enemy of your business.  And that’s actually good news because you can change it.  Our brilliant minds are such incredible, powerful gifts. But left undisciplined, they can work against us.  I’m willing to bet your mind has tricked you into believing that […]