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Ep #413:7 Personality Traits ALL Successful Physician Entrepreneurs Share 

I have helped hundreds of aspiring physician entrepreneurs build their businesses and achieve success they never dreamed they could achieve.  During this time, I’ve been studying their behavior and figuring out what makes them successful. I sought to find out the secret formula for success.  Well, after a decade and a half, I did it. […]

Ep #411: 3 Ways to Scale Your Medical Business Without Going BROKE!

Here’s what happens when your business first starts to grow:  It’s no wonder so many new physician entrepreneurs fall into the trap of sacrificing profit for rapid, unsustainable growth, which ultimately leads to them going broke and having to shut down their businesses.  But it doesn’t have to be like that. Today, I will share […]

Ep #410: How to Grow a 7-Figure Medical Practice in 4 Simple Steps (Tried & Tested)

Do you want to grow your private practice to 7-figures?  Then you’re in the right place!  I’ve helped numerous clients crush their first million in revenue, and although no two practices are the same, over the years, I’ve found some common threads between them! Today, I’ll share the common threads I’ve identified in this comprehensive […]

Ep #409: How Physician Entrepreneurs Can Solve the Healthcare Crisis

The recent closure of 50 clinics in Florida displaced at the very least 50 thousand patients. Now, imagine if this had happened in several states. Add one more zero, and you have half a million patients without access to primary care.  I know that the easiest thing to do is to look the other way […]

Ep #405: How to Stand Out When New Competitors Show Up

Facing a sea of competition can be intimidating, but what if you had the insider know-how to not just survive, but truly stand out? Our latest episode is a gold mine for anyone in the business of medicine, from seasoned practitioners to entrepreneurial novices. We dive into the power of a positive mindset, the magic […]

Ep #404: Innovative Strategies for Attracting Top Talent for Your Company

Unlock the secrets to a thriving business by learning how to magnetize the perfect candidates to your team. Today, we’re peeling back the curtain on the art of recruitment, focusing on the personal and professional aspirations of potential employees and how that alignment can revolutionize your hiring strategy. Discover how to make your company irresistible […]