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Ep #364: Boosting Productivity and Avoiding Burnout: The Power of the Pareto Principle

Burnout is no stranger to the entrepreneurial journey, but what if you could strategically dodge it? That’s right – there’s a way to significantly diminish the risk of burnout and simultaneously improve your productivity! The secret lies in an age-old principle; the Pareto principle or the 80-20 rule. As we uncover how this principle works, […]

Ep #363: You Don’t Need Permission From Anybody But You

Fourteen years ago, I made a daring decision to start my own medical practice, a decision that has since propelled me on a mission to empower a hundred thousand physicians. This episode is all about that audacious journey, and how you too, can take charge of your life, your dreams and your business without needing […]

Ep #361: Overwhelmed No More: Strategies for Physician Entrepreneurs

Are you feeling trapped in a whirlwind of tasks, deadlines, and responsibilities? It’s time to break free! Today, we’re navigating the murky waters of overwhelm that often engulf us as physicians and entrepreneurs. And guess what? It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. It only makes us human. Embark on this enlightening journey as we tackle how […]

Ep #360: How to Stop Self-Doubt From Crippling You

Ever grappled with self-doubt on your entrepreneurial journey? It’s a common struggle, one that often tempts us to question our capabilities. But don’t fret – self-doubt doesn’t have to cripple your entrepreneurial spirit. In this episode, I share my personal battle with self-doubt and reveal how I broke free from its clutches by surrounding myself […]

Ep #359: The Two Things Stopping You From Making Your Business Goals a Reality

Five years ago, I made the daring decision to not just be a doctor but an entrepreneur. It was a strange, thrilling journey – stepping out of the confines of the hospital and into the vast, unpredictable world of business. Today, I am not just a physician but a successful entrepreneur, helping other doctors seize […]

Ep #358: 5 Documents to Never Sign Without Due Diligence

Ready to level up your understanding of professional medical documents? I’m your host, Dr. Una, and I’ll be taking you on an enlightening journey as we examine the five key documents that physicians should never sign without thorough scrutiny. We’re digging deep into the complexities of employment agreements, non-compete clauses, and IP clauses, exploring the […]

Ep #357: How to Sell Without Selling

One of the most important skills needed for a successful business is the ability to sell. This is also something that many entrepreneurs avoid because it seems manipulative and sleazy. In this episode, I talk about how to sell without selling. Learning this will put you in a position where you can sell consistently and […]

Ep #356: 7 Kinds of People to Keep Out of Your Inner Circle

How essential is it to surround yourself with the right people on your entrepreneurial journey? Well, it’s a question we’re delving into in this powerful episode. Protecting your business journey is crucial, and the people you intentionally choose to interact with play a significant role.  Nothing worthwhile comes easy, and success definitely requires work, sacrifices, […]

Ep #355: 3 Things That Make Events Useless to You

In this episode, Dr. Una unpacked three mistakes people make when they attend events and how to fix them. This simple tweak will help you get a 10X return on investment for every event you attend from now on. When you are ready to work with us, here are three ways. 1. EntreMD Business School Advance – […]