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Feedback is a funny thing. You need it, but you also need to ignore it.

Here’s what I mean:

To grow and build a really successful business that continues to serve your patients or clients and continues to grow and innovate, you’ll need to ask for feedback as part of your regular system checks. You’ll have to take feedback and use it for good.

But you’ll also have to ignore feedback.

Notice I didn’t say to instantly discard the feedback. Listen, filter, and move forward.

But how do you know what to filter into that ignore category? I’ll help you, of course!

First of all, there are the people who love you but tend to give you feedback you can ignore. Family members, friends, favorite clients … they are coming from a place of love and protection.

But they don’t always have that window into your dreams. Without seeing that, they will tell you you can stop where you are, you don’t need more, maybe even that your family will suffer. Again, they are sharing genuine concern, but it’s OK to ignore their thoughts that distract you from pursuing your dreams.

Secondly, there’s the feedback that says your service is no good. It is HARD to get a 1-star review (just ask me), but you know what I’ve learned? The people who have criticism that isn’t constructive is often because they’re either having a bad day or they’re not your ideal client. When you recognize this, you realize it’s not you. You’re not doing anything wrong. Your group of ideal clients are happy and much more vast than those few critics.

When it comes to feedback, if there’s something to learn, you learn it. Once you’re done learning from it, you move on. Keep your ideal clients at the forefront of your mind, and be relentless in your commitment to serving them at the highest level, growing your capacity to serve them, to getting them results, and serving even more people like them.

THAT’S where your focus needs to be; you can’t walk around with 1-star reviews in your head. Stay laser-focused on what it is you’re there to do as a businessperson. Laser-focused. The feedback will come—feedback of all types. As it comes, see the opportunity to learn something and maybe make a tweak … when you’re done with that, throw away the rest.

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