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Ep #315: The Crisis in the Healthcare Space Is a Gift to You

The healthcare space has seen and will continue to see crises. 

But don’t fear; there is a silver lining. There is a paradigm shift, and physician entrepreneurs everywhere are capitalizing on it.


They’re setting up business systems around their own brilliance. They’re monetizing their gifts. The world is benefitting and so are the physician entrepreneurs—to the tune of 6, 7, and multiple-7 figures!

They’re gaining the skills, confidence, support, and framework through the EntreMD Business School and its vibrant community.

I share about all of this in episode #315 of The EntreMD Podcast, including a story about one physician who has served 90 physicians in her program since joining EBS.

Others in EBS have shared that they made more this quarter, even though they worked less.

How is this even possible?! Get the details on today’s podcast episode. 

When you are part of the vibrant EntreMD Business School community, you always have a group of impossibility thinkers ready to workshop ideas with you.

Dr. Emeka Obidi was bouncing around ideas with his small group and asked for help. They came through in a BIG way when they helped him work through some new billing and coding strategies. He’s now expecting to bring in an extra $20,000 with just a few alterations to billing!

And it didn’t stop there.

With a few other simple changes, Dr. Emeka saw huge increases in social media engagement—not to mention increased confidence in front of the camera AND enough business to open a second location!

More on upleveing business *simply* in this of the EntreMD Podcast!

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