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Ep #317: How to Fall in Love with Your Journey as an Entrepreneur

All entrepreneurs deal with ups and downs, tough times, pride and joy, hard work. I won’t act like it’s all smooth sailing. But you know what makes it easier?

Connecting the work with your why.

When you strive to serve and earn, and your specific goal is financial freedom to travel or to pay for a weekly cleaning service so you have more time with your family (or whatever your why may be), suddenly all the hard work has a tangible goal tied to it. It’s a prize for you to keep your eye on, motivating you. It’s the push you need at times. It’s a reminder of your efforts and your impact in the community and in your own home.

With your dream, your why, at the top of your mind, it’s much more doable to uplevel and learn how to market, learn how to sell, get comfortable talking about money, embrace any fear of speaking on stage, etc.

You’ll be thinking, “I’m serving people. I’m creating financial freedom that’s allowing me to live my dream life.”

You’ve got this!

And I’ve got a whole lot more where that came from in today’s episode of the EntreMD Podcast!

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