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The EntreMD Podcast

Ep #321: How to Create Massive Wins While Working Less

You worked so hard in your high school years to get into a great pre-med program. You got in; you arrived.

Then you worked so hard in pre-med to get into a great med school. You got in; you arrived.

This pattern happened throughout school, residency, fellowship, etc.

But now it’s different. As a physician entrepreneur, there is no “arrival.”

And that is the best possible news because it means you don’t need to put your whole life on hold for this endeavor; you get to simultaneously build your dream life and live it!

There’s no working tirelessly until you arrive at your dream life. Being an entrepreneur means you get to start living a version of your dream life as you’re building said dream life. It’s beautiful and magical.

And it starts with focus.

In today’s EntreMD Podcast episode, I explain this tried-and-true philosophy and help you move from tons of goals to just 3 to focus on. Narrowing your focus will help you accomplish more and enjoy life more.

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