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Ep #342: How to Monetize Your Podcast: Live Coaching with Dr. Bradley Block, Part II

In Part II of my podcast special with Dr. Bradley Block, we delve into identifying authentic ways to monetize a podcast so it can continue to serve its audience with high-value content in new and more frequent clips.

Piggybacking on the previous episode, #341, we explore speaking and being a guest on other podcasts as effective and natural methods for Dr. Block to increase audience reach AND up potential paid-ad value.

We also discuss the importance of having an email list to nurture and engage with the audience in different and consistent ways. Email lists can be built simply by producing a lead magnet—something you already know, but packaged as incentive to provide an email address.

Once you’ve listed to both parts I and II, you’ll be ready to adopt a business mindset for the podcast or service you provide in order to see sustainable growth and success.

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