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The EntreMD Podcast

Are you ready for an exhilarating journey of entrepreneurship? Prepare to be inspired as we chat with the dynamic Dr. Brittany Panico, a Phoenix-based rheumatologist who successfully transitioned from physician to entrepreneur – a leap that not only transformed her career, but also enriched her family life. Using her tax refund to invest in the EntreMD Business School, Dr. Panico kick-started her private practice, filling it up from zero to full in just six months. This isn’t just about success in business; it’s a powerful narrative about the magic of self-investment.

Join us as we delve into the impact of Dr. Panico’s entrepreneurial spirit, which has not only revolutionized her professional life, but also sparked her husband’s speaking career and significantly enhanced their communication as a couple. Highlighting the importance of an empowering community like the Entry MD Business School, Dr. Panico shares how positive peer pressure and inspiring friendships can catalyze business growth and propel you to the next level. This episode is bound to compel you to contemplate the power of networking and the role of community in business.

Bringing the spotlight on courage and risk-taking, we discuss venturing into the unknown, making critical decisions, and investing in oneself. It can be daunting, but as Dr. Panico’s journey illustrates, it can also lead to phenomenal rewards. This episode is a testament to the untapped potential within each of us. So, if you’re considering a career transition, planning to start your practice, or just in need of some inspiration, this conversation is sure to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit. Don’t hesitate, tune in and embark on this enlightening voyage with us.

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