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The EntreMD Podcast

Ep #390: The Power of Betting on Yourself for Quantum Leaps in Business

Are you ready to stake your claim on success and join the ranks of physicians who’ve turned entrepreneurial dreams into thriving realities? That’s the rallying cry I, Dr. Una, issue to you as I lead a heartfelt tribute in our year-end finale. This episode is a celebration of courage and conviction, where we recount the remarkable journeys of physicians who’ve transformed their professional and personal lives. They’ve bet big on their dreams, navigated the art of negotiation, and emerged victorious. I’ll walk you through the essence of ‘betting on yourself,’ understanding the true cost of your aspirations, and the necessity of paying that price in full—no shortcuts, no ‘shoplifting’ your dreams. Your stories of triumph are my fuel, and as we cast our gaze to the horizon of 2024, I challenge you to hold fast to a 10X vision for your life, unsupported by self-doubt and procrastination.

This episode goes beyond individual ambition to spotlight the unsung hero of success: our environment. As physicians perched on the precipice of exponential growth, the company we keep can either catapult us to new heights or keep us tethered to mediocrity. Join me as I dissect the Entremde Business School’s blueprint for success, where mentorship and strategic self-investment are non-negotiables. The power of community—embodied by the high-achievers of the EBS Commonwealth—provides a springboard for scaling your business and personal aspirations. Take a moment to reflect on your own circles of influence and prepare to step into a future bright with the collective strength and wisdom of a community that shares in your path to unprecedented success.

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