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Ep #283: How This Doctor Went from Afraid to Professional Public Speaker with Dr. Tamara Beckford

EntreMD with Dr. Una | How This Doctor Went from Afraid to Professional Public Speaker with Dr. Tamara Beckford

This week, I’m joined by Dr. Tamara Beckford, and she’s taking us behind the scenes on the rollercoaster ride of physician entrepreneurship. When Tamara first came to the EntreMD Business School, she was truly afraid of public speaking. However, after the work we did together, she’s now an international public speaker, she’s the Success Mentor inside the Business School, and her journey has been transformational.

Dr. Tamara Beckford is a trained ER physician working in Houston, Texas, and she has an amazing business: UR Caring Docs. She founded her business in 2020 during the pandemic, and she helps organizations build an amazing culture by reducing their employee burnout while boosting their productivity and retention through curated self-care workshops.

Tune in this week to hear from Dr. Tamara Beckford about how she went from being a shy doc, hiding herself online, to falling in love with public speaking. We’re discussing the power of asking, how to divorce yourself from the outcome, and all of the work we do inside the EntreMD Business School.

The EntreMD Business School doors are finally open! If you’re ready to build a business that lets you live life and practice medicine on your own terms, click here to submit your application! And if you have questions, send us an email

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Dr. Tamara Beckford’s experience of being terrified of public speaking.
  • How Dr. Tamara Beckford became an international sought-after public speaker.
  • Why the EntreMD Business School changed everything for Tamara.
  • The importance of allowing yourself to do it scared and messy at first.
  • Why so many docs genuinely think, “No one wants to hear from me…” and why this isn’t true.
  • How to build this skillset as you throw yourself into the speaking world.
  • The transformations that Tamara has seen countless docs go through in the EntreMD Business School.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Hi docs, welcome to The EntreMD Podcast, where it’s all about helping amazing physicians just like you embrace entrepreneurship so you can have the freedom to live life and practice medicine on your terms. I’m your host, Dr. Una.

Dr. Una: Well hello, hello. You are in for a treat because I have the amazing Dr. Beckford here.

And she’s going to be taking us behind the scenes of the rollercoaster ride that is, you know, a doctor being an entrepreneur, being a speaker, doing all the things. And you’re going to get so much value out of it. So this is one of those that I want you to really lean in. Dr. Beckford, welcome to the show, that’s how excited I am.

Dr. Beckford: Hey. Okay, I’m excited too. Thanks for having me on.

Dr. Una: Of course.

Dr. Beckford: This is going to be fun.

Dr. Una: Of course. Okay, so I’m going to ask you to take a moment to introduce yourself to the listeners so they can figure out why I’m so excited you’re here.

Dr. Beckford: Okay, so I’m Dr. Tamara Beckford and I am a trained ER physician working in Houston, Texas. I have an organization, actually a really great business which is Ur Caring Docs, founded in 2020. And actually we’re like a little bit, a week or so over being exactly two years old.

So I have a toddler business at this time, and my business helps organizations to build even more amazing culture by reducing their employee burnout and boosting their productivity, boosting their retention through a curated self-care workshop.

So I’m here as part of the wonderful EntreMD, if you guys have not seen me or heard me, I am an EntreMD master. I’ve been here since the inception. I’m in love with EntreMD, like some of our colleagues say, you can’t kick me out. And so with that I’m also a wonderful part of EntreMD as their success mentor. So if you join our wonderful team, you get to see me every week.

Dr. Una: I love it, they have a whole hashtag going on for the EntreMD Business School, #EBSforlife.

Dr. Beckford: Yes.

Dr. Una: I was like, “Oh, okay, we have a new hashtag.” So yay, why not? So really amazing, right? So you have the company, you’re doing these self-care workshops, you’re an international speaker, you know, you’re leading over 100 physicians in success groups every week. And this is, I mean like what a journey, right?

Dr. Beckford: Absolutely.

Dr. Una: Now, what happens when you start getting to this stage is that you’re put in a corner like, okay, this is a unicorn, right? And so I’m grateful that you said yes to coming here so we can talk about all the things. So now you’re a speaker, you do great on stage, you open events for us at EntreMD when we have our retreats and stuff like that. And you’ve been invited multiple times to be the host for events, in person and online.

So you’re this really, really great speaker, okay? Now, have you always been this way? Like did you come with the speaker gene? Tell us about what it was like in the beginning.

Dr. Beckford: Absolutely. So the answer is absolutely not. I did not come with the speaker gene. I came with, if you guys have listened to some of the prior episodes, we have the wonderful Dr. LaToya Luces, when she said that I wiped out all my presence, I was like maybe Dr. LaToya and I use the same company because I was hidden. Yes, Facebook here and there, but you want me to go out and tell people about myself? Absolutely not.

I’m very private. No, no, no, no. And I was so hidden, like I said, I paid a company and then I would check to ensure that you could not find me and so you could not hear my voice.

And so now as a part of EntreMD, you know, when you’re part of this wonderful, wonderful group you get these challenges. And so you’re saying, you know, find your voice, tell people about yourself. And I’m like, “Absolutely not, thank you so much, Dr. Una, you’re so awesome but I’m not going to do that.”

And then one day you posed a challenge and I said okay. Someone actually came to me, as you guys heard I am an ER physician, and if you haven’t been under a rock you recognize there is a pandemic going on. So in the midst of really, really the heart of the pandemic, when it started, someone from my undergrad who is a head of a society asked me to come and speak on a panel.

And one thing we learn is the power of yes, because before everything was, “I don’t think so. I’m not good enough. Why would they want me?” But that power of yes came through so I said yes. You know, amazingly it was like oh, I felt good. So I invited everybody because that’s what you do, right? You’re afraid so why don’t you just invite all your family members so they can stare at you and if you fall and explode you’re like, “Well at least I tried.”

But needless to say, it worked out well. And my family was sending me messages like, “Oh my God, you’re really good, you’re really good.” And I said okay. Now that day that I went on this panel, I put makeup on and said, “Okay, I want to feel my best.” And then that exact day after I finished the panel we had a little challenge. It was why don’t you make a two minute video and put it on social media?

And I said, okay. I mean I already have makeup on, why don’t I do a two minute video right now? And I went into my dining room and I did a two minute video. And I tell you, I know that right now I think you can hold, like a human it’s what, six minutes that they can hold their breath, one person? I did it for those two minutes because I did not breathe, I said everything in one long sentence. And I posted it on social media and I ran away.

But then people and colleagues of mine, people I went to high school, people I went to undergrad were like, “Oh wow, I liked what you’re talking about,” and so on. And I said, “Really, they want to hear from me?” And that’s just the power of the voice that you have within, that you’re so unsure of, that you can make a difference for others but you’re keeping it hidden.

And my dad always says you don’t cover a light, you let it shine so others can get it, right? So they can benefit from it. So that was the start. And I’ll tell you, that was August of 2020. And man, I got bit by the bug.

Dr. Una: So you say you got bit by the bug. So does that mean you fell in love with it? You realized like wait a minute, I thought I didn’t like speaking, I was scared of speaking, but I actually like this stuff. Like what happened for you?

Dr. Beckford: I didn’t, no, you know when a bug bites you it starts to itch? So I had a little itch. And I said, wait a minute, maybe this is something. Now mind you, this is August of 2020. And then I, you know, through our challenges that we have, which is really to build us up as entrepreneurs, learning the different skill set, and also bringing out the skill set that you had within you that you weren’t aware. Because that’s the biggest thing that happens, right?

It says, well, we have different challenges, go out and start making videos. And I recall also, Dr. Una, you mentioned about the Legacy Parent Podcast that you started and you said that I was on every week. And you know, I said to myself, that’s so cute.

Dr. Una: That’s cute that you would do that, Dr. Una, good for you.

Dr. Beckford: Good for you. But then what did I start, you know, as you start looking back at your journey, you realize that you really compress a lot in what you’re learning, you’re doing it in a shorter period of time. Because by October I started to do a weekly, I wasn’t super consistent in October, but by November every week I have been.

Yeah, that’s from like around November or the end of October 2020, every week I’ve done something on social media live. I think I’ve only missed in total, three weeks between 2020 and now.

Dr. Una: Okay, so we’re going to stop right there because this is gold. Now, the beginning of your story sounds a lot like I was scared of doing it, I did it scared. I wasn’t perfect. I did it messy. And when we think all the way to, not the end of your journey, but where we are now you’re like, wow, so doing it scared and messy can bring you here? That’s amazing.

But this statement you just made of I showed up live every week since 2020, that’s two years at the time of this recording, right? And let’s even take out the three weeks that you missed. So we’re talking about 101 weeks, 101 times you showed up live. Those are not the only times because I follow you on social media, so I know you do reels, I know you do all these other things. But this is just when you showed up live.

And so walk us through the benefits you’ve experienced because you’ve done that, right? Because I am really big on picking something and doing it consistently because you’re putting in the reps, right? You’re building this big muscle. And the problem with putting in the reps is when you’re doing it, it doesn’t look like much. And it takes a moment for the results to show up, and that’s why people quit.

But when you do something consistently, it’s mind boggling what it can do. So for you and from your perspective, what do you think showing up live every week for two years, at this point it’s just two years because even with the three weeks, you know, like we’re in December at this point, so two years, 104 times. What difference does that make?

Dr. Beckford: It makes a huge difference. And one of the biggest difference that it makes is building that confidence. Because when you start a project, you’re probably going to start and be a little bit staccato in it, right? Because your mind is telling you all the things. No one wants to hear from me. What I have to say is invaluable.

And I implore those who are listening, that these are the statements that everyone has. If you listen to some of the prior episodes, Dr. Kelly Casperson, I mean, you know, she is being talked to by, like so many people are seeking her out. But when she first started, she said, “Who wants to hear anything from me?” And she was like one of the top urologists, right?

Dr. Una: And her podcast, as of two days ago was 900,000 downloads.

Dr. Beckford: We’re waiting for the one mil.

Dr. Una: We’re waiting for the 1 million, I’ve been waiting.

Dr. Beckford: We’re going to all celebrate it.

Dr. Una: I told her, “Girl I am waiting, I’m waiting with you. I can’t wait.”

Dr. Beckford: Absolutely. And it all started the same thing, well who wants to hear me? If you listen to almost all of the entrepreneurs and everyone, we have a voice within us but we’re like, “I don’t think anyone wants to hear from me.” So you’re a little bit staccato, you start and you stop.

But when you really stick with it and say, “You know what? I’m going to put it out there that I will be here every week.” And you show up every week, irrespective of if you think someone’s listening, if you think that you have a large audience or not, it builds a confidence within you that I can do this. So that’s within you.

Now, it also builds the skill set. Even interviewing, there are little nuances that you can pull out of your interviewee, or your guests. You can recognize when they’re nervous and you can relax them, you know, let them have a wonderful time and pull out the wonderful stories that they have within them. How do you do that? By being consistent. By recognizing with the skills that they have, that they might not even have, which is your guest, and making them look as amazing as possible.

So a lot of people say like, you know, why are you doing the Dr. Tamara Beckford Show, which is the podcast now that I do. And I’m saying because I have colleagues who are doing amazing things, not just inside of medicine, but outside of medicine and they need to be highlighted. And you begin to develop not just that idea, but the trust that they give to you, others start to recognize it.

And that builds, not just the consistency and the trust, but then people now want to be part of your circle. They want to be a part of what you’re doing. And people see when there’s amazing things coming. And who wouldn’t want to be part of an amazing community? Or be along the ride with someone who’s doing well?

Not in a negative way like, oh, I’m just trying to rub shoulders with them. But no, if you’re doing something so positive and you’re bringing so much light to the world, why wouldn’t someone else want a little bit of that light so they can also shine and show what they’re doing? So that happens in the midst of all of this.

Dr. Una: Okay, so this right here, Dr. Beckford, you can just make this your own podcast episode because this is great. Yeah, because the things you talked about are so key. For instance, when you talk about confidence, right, and that inner critic who just goes crazy and goes wild, a lot of times I’ve talked to a lot of people who are waiting for that to go away so they can start. Not realizing that the way you get, not even get rid of that, but more like tame it. The way you tame it is by doing in spite of it, right?

And you talked about building that skill set, right? And a lot of times people want to get good so they can go and do, not realizing the way to get good is to go and do. And then building trust, I think it first dawned on me when I started hearing, it was a theme. People would say, you know, you’re on my commute on Monday morning. So this is for the EntreMD Podcast. You’re my commute on Monday morning. Oh, I walk my dog in the evening on Monday with The EntreMD Podcast.

So it was almost as though because I was consistent they decided since you’re consistent, I’ll add you to my sacred daily routine type of thing, right? So then it builds that trust of, you know, you’re here, you’re consistent, you’re doing it. And that opens doors. Like that trust opens doors and consistency in building the reps is what creates it.

And then when you talk about attracting relationships, the thing with that, with relationships is you never know where that goes, right? Like you never know who you draw into your world. And so what you just gave us, that is such gold. Such gold just from building that muscle.

Now, so if we look at it in other terms, whether that is opportunities that showed up because you were speaking, because you were putting yourself out there, what kind of things have happened?

Dr. Beckford: So interestingly, at the beginning of 2020 I was approached by someone who was in media. And at that time he said, well, would you like to be a part of this particular media company? And I said no. You know, it was 2020, as I said, it was the beginning of my journey. I was very nervous. I don’t know if I can do this.

So the confidence that I had in myself was very low at that time because I just started. Why would somebody want me? I’m here doing a Facebook live in my little room. Interestingly, so as we talk about being consistent, now the same person in 2022, they approached me again and they said, I noticed that you’re still out there. And I said, “Yes I am.”

Dr. Una: I like it. I like it.

Dr. Beckford: You must really want to do something within this. I said, “Well, yes I do.” So I had the opportunity to fly out to one of the Midwest states and they had these auditions for speaking, what they call like some reels for shows that they’re putting together.

And because of the fact that I’ve been doing this live, you know, when I jump on camera, for some strange reason I’m just comfortable. Who would have thought? Two years of just doing it in your house looking, talking, you know, you just become comfortable and now you love it. So in front of the camera I shone.

And then they had a three minute speaking reel where there were multiple people. You know, some of them were speakers with these organizations, speakers with that organization. And you had to do a three minute little reel. And I tell you, I went and I said oh, okay, they told me about it, that I had the opportunity to do it I think it was the night before.

And I’m like, all right, you know what? And that’s the other thing, you build that confidence and you’re like, “I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to kill it.” Man, I went there prepared.

Dr. Una: Oh, say that again. I’m going to do it and I’m going to kill it.

Dr. Beckford: Kill it. Now, two years before, I would not have thought that way, right? I wonder, I wonder, I wonder, I don’t know, I don’t. Now I’m like, “Oh, yes.” I went there and I was the only person who did not have to do a second or third or fourth take.

I mean, I went there and I killed it because the confidence is there. You know, I know what I know how to do. I’m like, I can do a speech. I know how to deliver. I know how to capture audience. Why? Because I’ve been working on this consistently for two years. So even the day, and I recall like you mentioned that, you know, I introduced Dr. Una.

For those of you guys who, you know, we have our wonderful retreats and I remember I nervously asked, Dr. Una, you were asking me something and I was like, “I’m going to take this opportunity and ask if I can introduce her.” And you were like, “Okay, go ahead.” And I said, “Ooh, she does not know what I have in store.”

Dr. Una: Yeah. And of course I didn’t know what you had in store. But it was great. It was great. And because you brought up this ask thing, I was just like, wait, wait, let me jump in on that because that is another muscle, right?

And so if you think about the number of times you’ve done introductions, and the last retreat that we had, you actually nominated someone, right? So you opened the event, but you were like, “This is the person who’s going to do the introduction.” Now, all of that started because you asked. And I had no objection whatsoever, I just never thought about it, right? And so think about the opportunities we don’t have, because we don’t ask.

Now I know you are a “asker,” right? And so is that something that is the same process where in the beginning you were scared of doing it? And then you started building that muscle? Like how do you get the speaking gigs? Like do they come knocking at your door? Talk to us about asking.

Dr. Beckford: No, no, no, no, no, it’s still a lot. Like we talked about the reps, building the reps. Now, you asked a very great question, at the beginning is it simple? Is it easy? No, it is nauseating. That day when I asked you, I held my breath again. I’m like, well, maybe Dr. Una is going to say what are talking about?

Dr. Una: The nerve of her.

Dr. Beckford: The nerve. But you said okay, and then I said, oh, okay. You know, I don’t even recall what else we were talking about in that. But needless to say, asking is one of the most powerful muscles that we have, and building it really gets you places.

Now, it’s nauseating but once you start to do it and, like we say in our group and it’s part of, I keep talking about EntreMD because, of course, those are my people. We have developed ourselves to try to divorce ourselves from the outcome.

Now, once you start to divorce yourself from the outcome, then you stop internalizing the no that occurs, right? I’m asking you, and I look at it like hey, I like that red shirt, may I borrow that red shirt? And the person says no. Okay, all right, cool. I’ll move on to the other person. Oh, someone else has a red shirt, how about yours? May I borrow your red shirt? And they said, yeah. Okay, cool. So eventually, someone will say yes.

Now, if I asked that first person and then they said no, and I looked at it and said, oh my gosh, I’m a horrible person. I went and I asked them to borrow their red shirt, they’ll probably think that I’ll never be able to wear red shirts. And, you know, you start internalizing it, I’m just the horrible person for even breathing. I can never look at that person again because of stuff.

Then you’ve taken this whole thing, and you’ve not divorced yourself from the outcome. Guess what, you still don’t have a red shirt. And you’re there wallowing in self-pity. But if you really take that time and just move on to the next person, then it becomes nothing. The ask is just an ask.

So one of the times I say, in my culture, I’m Jamaican. And I think a lot of times growing up we don’t learn how to ask because we associate asking with begging, and that’s different. An ask and a beg is different. You know what I mean? So once you divorce yourself from that outcome, then you start building that muscle. And you’re closer, like we said to that, yes. Which is what you want.

Dr. Una: Oh man. Okay, so you’ve dropped some real gold here, real gold. And I love that you’re normalizing the things that people experience but stops them, right? Like asking, when you start doing this stuff and it’s the whole time because as you go on your journey, you’re going to start asking for new and newer stuff. It’s nauseating, right?

And it’s so funny, in the EntreMD Business School and the Facebook group you have people go like, “I just did this and I was nauseated the entire time.” And everyone’s like, yeah, and they have all these emojis going up and like green vomit and stuff. But it’s so normal. And so there are things you’ve been thinking about doing and they make you nauseous, but you know this is the path, right? We’re just telling you that it’s completely normal. So normal.

So you talk about the EntreMD Business School a lot, it has come up a lot here. And people are probably going like, “What? What is the EntreMD Business School?” Right? And so the background of this is that you’ve been in EntreMD Business School since day one. So since June 27th or 28th of 2020. And then you became a master, meaning, you know, after your first year then you became a master.

And now you’re part of the EntreMD Business School team, because you’re a success mentor and you lead our success groups. Which are smaller groups of people where they get to do a lot of hands-on implementation, co-working and all of those things. Talk to the people a little bit about what that is and what kind of person it’s good for.

Dr. Beckford: Oh, absolutely. So EntreMD, if you have an inkling of wanting to become an entrepreneur as a physician, just come on in. Now, the challenge is that people, you think about things and then you overthink it, and then you don’t take that action. There are many people who have not taken that action, and two years ago they thought about it. They’re at the same spot they were two years ago, and then they’ll watch people progress.

But if you just take that step, which is really investing in yourself, investing that time and that, you know, treasure within yourself, you will go leaps and bounds. Now why do we say this? I’ll give you some stories about EntreMD. One of our wonderful physicians, I’ll say her name. I’m pretty sure I told her, “I’ll talk about you in front of your face, and I talk about you behind your back.” So she laughs and she understands.

So this is the wonderful Dr. Kirin Palmer. So Dr. Kirin Palmer took a chance in herself. She’s like, I wanted more. And this is a 10 month progression that I’m going to go through. So she joined our school in January of this year, so 2022 at this recording. And she said, “I don’t even know why I joined.” That’s how Kirin talks. She was like, “You know, I just joined.”

And a lot of people, they’ll join and they’re not really sure because the community is so positive and it’s so overwhelming to them. They’re like, this can’t be real. And so she took two months and she didn’t really engage. But then by March she started to kind of engage a little bit.

We had our wonderful EntreMD Business Master Makeover in April, which we do. And so she showed up. And then she started to talk to us and she started telling us about her situation. She says, “I’m in a really toxic group.” And by the way, keep in mind this is April. “I’m in a toxic group and whenever I ask them about the finances, they’re really so negative about it.”

May she says, “They’re saying that they’re probably going to start getting rid of me.” June, “Yeah, they said that they’re going to get rid of me,” July, “Hey, I’m now unemployed.” August, “Hey, I’m starting my own practice.” September, “Hey, I have my new patient. My first new patient, but I didn’t even open my practice yet.” October, “Hey, I have a grand opening. And guess what? The mayor of the city has come to my grand opening and she’s also going to have me take care of her kids.”

I’m like, this is crazy. And we’ll put the disclaimer, not everyone will achieve said results, but there’s so many of these exact same stories that’s a part of EntreMD. Why? It’s the community, it’s support. Once Kirin became part of the community and she started getting the support, she lost that fear that she had at the beginning when she said, “I don’t know what I’m going to do because this practice seems like they’re going to get rid of me.”

She actually celebrated, if I’m not mistaken, when she said, “I am unemployed.” And then two weeks later, “I just have my LLC, I’m going to start my own business. And like I said, within, it wasn’t even a quarter because it’s July to September she had her first patient and started it. And she, last week, gave us a grand tour of her beautiful facility, which she’s planning on expanding.

Dr. Una: Okay, when you put it like that, I’m like, “I want to be a part. Where is that?” I’m like, “Oh, I’m in it.”

Dr. Beckford: It is such a magical place.

Dr. Una: That is such a beautiful story. Oh my goodness, and it’s absolutely true. She’s had quite a journey and like Dr. Beckford said, yes, there’s a disclaimer, not everybody’s going to have that. But there’s enough of those kinds of stories to make you go like, wait a minute. There are a lot of them, right?

Dr. Beckford: A lot.

Dr. Una: There are tens of stories like that. And so that is really, really fascinating. And it’s funny that you started off by saying, you know, someone didn’t make the decision then two years later, because I’ve actually had people call me and tell me that. Like I knew about this two years ago and I’m just watching my colleagues or friends who said yes, and I’m just looking at them like they’re completely different people and they’re out there doing all these big bad things. And I am in the same exact spot.

And so before I wouldn’t come out and say, hey, just come get in the school. But now I do that because I understand the opportunity costs, right? And so if it’s something you’re thinking about, like I know there’s more. Some people are like I know there’s more. Some other people you’re like I’m building this business but I’m really struggling to attract patients or clients.

Or you’re like, this is so lonely, and so frustrating, and so tiring, you can enjoy your journey as an entrepreneur with the challenges. Because we don’t say the challenges go away. In the school we celebrate the trials and the triumph. We know, right? And you’re trying to build a team and you’re struggling with all of that, you don’t have to do this alone. Yes, we did not get a business education, but in this world we live in right now in 2022 this is no longer a problem for physicians because we have options, okay?

And your option is the EntreMD Business School. So listen to Dr. Beckford, check it out. It’s So EntreMD is and apply. And, you know, it’s application so we’re not trying to manipulate anybody, if we were we’d leave it open for everybody to come in, right?

And so we’re not trying to manipulate everybody. If it’s not a good fit really we’ll go like, “Eh, we don’t think so.” And we’ve done that. But if we know we can help you, oh my goodness, like come in already, right? What do you think, Dr. Beckford?

Dr. Beckford: Absolutely. And I’ll add the second time around, it’s okay if you made that decision at that time and you didn’t feel confident enough. But don’t sit and wallow in self-pity, make the decision and act upon it this time around. The great thing is that you’re in community and you’re going to be with other entrepreneurs, like you said, of different stages.

So if you’re like, well, this person is a six and seven figure business and I’m just at the inception, I don’t even know what I want to do. Great a fertile mind, let it be dug out. And the thing is, you get to go through this with others who have gone through it. So even the six and seven figure business entrepreneur and physician that’s around, they started where you were.

So where else would you want to be where you can actually have a safety net of people who are showing you the highs and the extreme lows of being a physician entrepreneur? You know, life happens in between, but this is a great way for you to just get to your goal, but get there with people who are consistently supportive.

Dr. Una: So good. You guys heard her,, go turn in your application. And don’t wait, the waiting thing doesn’t produce any results.

Dr. Beckford, people are going like, “Dr. Una, enough, where can we find her?” Where can they find you?

Dr. Beckford: Absolutely. So as we said, I am Dr. Beckford, and I’m the CEO of Ur Caring Docs, that’s U-R-C-A-R-I-N-G-D-O-C-S, you can find me on my website, that’s where I have wonderful information about what I do and how I help organizations. Plus my wonderful podcast that I’ve interviewed over 165 of my physician colleagues, it’s all there.

You can also find me on LinkedIn, Tamara Beckford, I’m very like, I’m like all over LinkedIn. So you can find me there, that’s my name, Tamara Beckford MD. And you’ll also be able to find me on other social media platforms as Ur Caring Docs. So send me an email if you’d like to connect with me. If you’d love for me to be able to help your organizations to boost their retention, to reduce their burnout through these workshops.

If you need someone for your speaking engagements I am available, just sends me an email at Dr. Beckford, B-E-C-K-F-O-R-D,

Dr. Una: Okay, you heard, you’re now like a master wordsmith, you know? So guys, if you’re looking for a great speaker, you have her. If you’re looking for a great host for your event, you know, the openings, the breaks, the closes, all of that stuff, this is who you’re looking for.

And then for the corporate stuff, if you’re looking for someone to work with the employers to make the employees life so much more fun, then Dr. Beckford is your person. So, Dr. Beckford, we’re going to end with this, I talk about the Doctor Changing Medicine podcast being a movement, it’s not quite a podcast, right? It’s a movement of change. There’s a million physicians, we don’t like the way things are, we can change it, right?

And so I tell everybody, I’m like you can’t just listen to this and walk away. You have to share it with the physicians in your life. You have to share it with like whole residency groups or associations and stuff like that. Because the more doctors that become aware, the more we shift the culture, right? So what is the reason why the doctor listening right now should share this episode?

Dr. Beckford: Absolutely. Well, you’re sharing this episode, because it’s showing that that north star and that voice that you have within you, it’s there for a reason. It’s not going to go away. But you can quiet that voice until she guides you. You know, if it’s a her, or if it’s a he, that voice guides you to the next step.

Now, you look at my story as someone who wiped their selves off and now it’s like, “Hey, I would love to do this.” I’ve learned my skill sets. And you have your skill set within yourself. So take this as an opportunity to say, “You know what, if Tamara can do that, you’re right, I can do this too.” Just one step at a time. But biggest thing is take action.

Dr. Una: Yes, I was looking forward to this. I knew it was going to be great. I had no idea how great, but I knew it was going to be great. This is good, so good. You heard her, you guys share the episode. Dr. Beckford, thank you so much for coming on. And thank you really for not giving us a highlight reel, but taking us behind the scenes to see all the things which is the ultimate highlight reel, right? So thank you so much for coming.

Dr. Beckford: Yes, thank you for having me.

Dr. Una: Absolutely. Okay, people. So take action one step at a time. Don’t stay stuck. If you’re thinking about the EntreMD Business School, come join us. And share this episode with another doctor in your life, they will thank you forever. All right, I’ll see you on the next episode.

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