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Ep #156 The Art Of Becoming A Great Speaker

I love studying successful people; I listen to them and admire their talent to speak and communicate with their audience. And I thought, “I need to up-level my ability to speak. I need to up-level my ability to communicate my message. I need to up-level my ability to turn my message into a movement.” In […]

Ep #155: Are High-Ticket Coaching Programs a Scam?

It’s not infrequent that I’ll be on Facebook and someone will ask me about a coaching program. Then suddenly, a bunch of people come crawling out of the woodwork talking about how coaching is a scam, it’s just some kind of MLM thing. And they truly believe in what they’re saying, and more so if […]

Ep #154 Three Ways To Get The Most Out of Attending A Conference

Attending conferences can be one of the best things you can do for your business. However, attending conferences can be an expense or an investment, depending on how you approach it. In this episode of the EntreMD Podcast, I’ll share how I found ways to make the most out of attending conferences and how to use them and approach conferences as an investment that will help you create massive success in your business. 

Ep #153: The #1 Reason Coaches Are Not Confident

So many coaches struggle to make money back because they lack confidence in themselves and their abilities. They think they can’t possibly charge for their services because, well, who’s going to pay for that? They feel like imposters, especially when they’re just starting their practice. And if this sounds like a familiar story, which I’m […]

Ep #151: The Reason Coaches Don’t Make Money

I get so many coaches, especially newer coaches, asking me questions about how to find clients and what they can do to make more money. So in this week’s episode, I’m going to address these things directly by showing you why some coaches don’t make money and struggle to find the people they want to […]

Ep #149: How to Train Your Eyes to See Money

One of the secrets to being a successful entrepreneur is seeing all of the different ways available that you can add revenue to your business. And the more verticals you can add to your business model, the more of an impact you can make. So, in this episode, I’m showing you how to train your […]