Ep #233: The 2 Transformations Every Physician Must Experience

Most people start off their journey as entrepreneurs feeling like frauds. We’re used to being amazing physicians, we take care of people, and we don’t talk shop. But if you want to rock your business and consider yourself a serious entrepreneur, there are two transformations you need to make. These two transformations will set the […]

FAQ: Should Doctors Get Their Real Estate License?

You might be asking what “being a doctor” has in common with real estate. Or whether, as a doctor, it’s advantageous to have a real estate license. These are two excellent questions that I want to unpack with you in this post. What’s the reality for the average medical student? Nowadays, we graduate with nearly $216,000 […]

Ep #231: The Stories of Physicians Who Are Examples of What Is Possible

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey at times. There are times we feel stuck, and we think we don’t know the way forward. Well, today’s episode is going to be one like no other. I love bringing you guys examples of what’s possible and what you should be aiming to emulate, and I’m bringing you […]

The Ultimate List of Side Hustles for Physicians

A growing trend for doctors seems to be getting a side hustle. According to a 2021 Medscape article, nearly four in ten doctors have one. David I. Beran, DO, an emergency physician and writer, says: “I have seen physicians pursue side gigs more and more in recent years. Sometimes they are clinical jobs (like moonlighting), sometimes […]

FAQ: Do Doctors Need an MBA to Go Into Business?

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) takes time, tenacity, and total commitment. While it will open doors to career advancement and garner you a bigger paycheck, there are some obvious questions you’ll want to have answered before you go down that road. Questions like: Do you need an MBA to go into business? How much […]

Ep #227: How to Change Radically

If you want to create a sustainable business that makes an impact, you’re going to need to change radically. This isn’t necessarily about adding more things to how you operate, but creating real exponential change, not because there’s anything wrong with you right now, but because of what you will be able to accomplish on […]

6 Ways That Business Training Can Benefit Physicians

More and more, we’re seeing a move to value-based care. With a call for increased transparency in healthcare costs, it’s becoming natural for physicians to combine business training with a medical degree. This focus on business training for physicians may be more important now than ever before. With the uncertainty of Medicare for All, the […]