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Ep #380: Navigating Business Challenges with Joy with Dr. Makda Majette

Have you ever considered how the pursuit of joy could be the key to success and personal fulfilment? That’s the intriguing concept we explore in our enlightening conversation with the extraordinary Dr. Makda Majette. As a family physician, HIV specialist, and physician entrepreneur, Dr. Makda has made it her mission to be a beacon of […]

Ep #379: Turning Dreams into Reality: Dr. Tui Lauilefue’s Path to a Successful Practice

Are you ready to meet the inspiring force behind Thurston Internal Medicine? Dr. Tui Lauilefue joins us to share her journey from corporate medicine to entrepreneur, recounting how she built her own successful primary care practice in Olympia, Washington. Her story is a testament to the power of connections, opportunities, and the courage to step […]

Ep #378: From Burnout to Boom: The Entrepreneurial Journey of Dr. Rinku Mehra

What does it really take to make an impactful transition from a burnt-out physician to a thriving entrepreneur? In our latest episode, we got the chance to sit down with Dr. Rinku Mara, a pediatric endocrinologist who dared to take that leap. Dr. Rinku shares her compelling journey of resilience and dedication, from academia and […]

Ep #376: How to Change Your Business One Decision at a Time with Dr. Hokehe Eko

What does it feel like to leave a medical career behind and step into the shoes of an entrepreneur? This is the bold move Dr. Hokehe Eko, a pediatrician from Oklahoma, took when she decided to prioritize her mental health and her children over her conventional job. She turned her attention towards solving a pressing […]

Ep #374: How I Created My Dream Practice and Dream Life with Dr. Cheruba Prabakar

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a successful business while balancing the demands of life, patients, and family? Join us as we sit down with our star student, Dr. Cheruba Prabakar, a board certified OBGYN with a thriving direct specialty care practice in the Bay Area, to unravel her journey. We explore […]

Ep #372: How I Surpassed a Year’s Revenue in Six Months with Dr. Heather Awad

Secrets of a successful entrepreneur or an adventurous journey to self-discovery? I can promise you, this episode with Dr. Heather is both. I’m thrilled for you to hear this story of family doctor turned life and weight loss coach who has revolutionized the lives of countless women.  Drawing on her rich experiences, Dr. Heather provides […]