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Ep #401: 5 Reasons to Become a Better Entrepreneur

Embark on a transformative journey with me as we dissect the essence of personal evolution for entrepreneurs. If you’ve ever dreamt of skyrocketing your business to new heights, this episode is your blueprint for making 2024 your masterpiece year. I unveil five pivotal reasons why honing your entrepreneurial prowess is a non-negotiable part of your […]

Ep #400: How to Avoid Hiring Toxic Employees

Embark on a journey with us to discover the secrets of assembling a dream team that thrives on positivity and productivity. Prepare to transform your leadership style as we delve into the strategies that keep toxic hires at bay and foster an environment where accountability isn’t just a buzzword, but the foundation of your team’s […]

Ep #399: Transformative Reading: How to Propel Your Business and Brand to New Heights

Unlock the hidden potential in the pages you read and translate that wisdom into the growth of your business and personal life. We’ve taken a deep dive with the Entry Empty Business School’s novel approach, where we don’t just read books; we workshop them. By adopting a learner’s mindset and extracting actionable insights, we’ve witnessed […]

Ep #398: 3 Ways to Activate Your Conviction for Bigger Results

Discover the art of setting seemingly insurmountable goals – and then smashing them. We’ll talk about the importance of showing up, not just for ourselves but for those who rely on our unique voices and vision. This isn’t just another episode; it’s a celebration of dedication to excellence and the assurance that with the right […]

Ep #395: Revenue is a Poor Motivator: 5 Others to Tap into Instead

As we navigate through this episode, you’ll discover how shifting focus from mere revenue to personal milestones can lead to an enriching and sustainable entrepreneurial voyage. This episode not only celebrates the release of a pivotal business guide but also serves as a testament to personal growth, from mastering communication to steering a multimillion-dollar venture. […]

Ep #394: Wins and Lessons Over the Last Year with Veteran Entrepreneur Dr. Sarah Merritt

Embarking on the thrilling path of entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint-hearted, and Dr. Sarah Merritt’s story is a beacon for all seeking that leap. From the pivotal moments that found her questioning her future, to multiplying her income tenfold, Dr. Sarah’s narrative weaves through the fabric of self-belief, steadfast commitment, and the indispensable skills of […]

Ep #393: Embracing the Habit of High Achievers: Turning Intimidation into Inspiration

Discover how to transform intimidation into inspiration as Dr. Una guides us through the entrepreneurial journey on the EntreMD podcast. We’re peeling back the layers of what it means to surround yourself with top performers, just as an athlete aiming for the NBA harnesses the energy of their elite peers. Dr. Una, with her infectious […]

Ep #392: My 2024 Predictions for the Physician Community

Prepare to be empowered, my fellow physicians, as we explore the critical entrepreneurial skills that are becoming essential for navigating the healthcare landscape of 2024. Experience firsthand the gravity of personal branding, and why it’s no mere buzzword but a career-saving strategy in ‘Doctor You Incorporated.’ We confront the uncomfortable realities of job insecurity and […]