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Ep #390: The Power of Betting on Yourself for Quantum Leaps in Business

Are you ready to stake your claim on success and join the ranks of physicians who’ve turned entrepreneurial dreams into thriving realities? That’s the rallying cry I, Dr. Una, issue to you as I lead a heartfelt tribute in our year-end finale. This episode is a celebration of courage and conviction, where we recount the […]

Ep #389: Parenting, Entrepreneurship and Leaving a Lasting Legacy

As a mother and physician entrepreneur, I’ve often grappled with the complexities of providing a well-rounded legacy for my children. It’s a journey filled with trials and triumphs, from witnessing my daughter’s grace at a Carol Night service to imparting entrepreneurial wisdom at EntreMD Business School. This episode is an intimate exploration of what it […]

Ep #388: Maximizing Success Through Simplification

Unlock the untapped potential of your business assets and embrace the sweet synergy of simplicity and success! This episode is a treasure trove of my personal strategies, shining a light on the profound impact of refining business practices, from the calendar of a CEO to the power-packed punch of the Entremd Podcast. I lay bare […]

Ep #387: 7 Mindsets of the Ultra-Successful Entrepreneur: Part Two

Ready to redefine success and accelerate your entrepreneurial journey? Hold tight as we uncover the four mindsets unique to ultra-successful entrepreneurs that can propel you towards your goals. This episode is all about focusing on the process rather than results, embracing challenges, cultivating a sweat-worthy work ethic, and developing self-belief that supersedes your wildest dreams. […]

Ep #386: 7 Mindsets of the Ultra-Successful Entrepreneur: Part One

Welcome to another enriching episode of the EntreMD podcast – your guide to thriving as a physician entrepreneur. What if your mindset was the only thing that stands between you and ultra-success? Embark on a transformative journey with me, Dr. Una, as we uncover the first few mindsets of the ultra-successful. We’re bringing to you […]

Ep #385: Unlocking the Million-Dollar Potential of Asking in Business

Get ready to supercharge your business as we reveal the extraordinary power of a simple act – asking! Imagine the possibilities if you dared to make seven bold asks that could potentially add a staggering million dollars to your revenue. This episode unravels how this often overlooked skill can persuade people to make a move, […]

Ep #383: Money and Mind Drama

Gain insights into the power of a long-term perspective in business and personal investments as I, Dr. Una, share personal experiences and lessons learned through the lens of an entrepreneur. I’ll take you through my journey, exploring how to counter mind drama, the art of pricing services, and the importance of playing the long game […]

Ep #382: From Obscure to Highly Sought After Practice with Dr. Sarah Stombaugh

What happens when a board-certified family medicine and obesity medicine physician secretly starts a weight loss clinic during her third pregnancy and decides to dive headfirst into entrepreneurship? The answer is a thrilling journey of trials, tribulations, and ultimately, triumphs. Our guest, Dr. Sarah Stombaugh, opens up about her remarkable journey from medical practitioner to […]