Ep #241: My Response to Dwindling Insurance Payments to Private Practices

I was recently reading about the proposed reduction of insurance payments by CMS scheduled for 2023. In a world where there is hyperinflation and having a team is more expensive than ever, on top of three years of a pandemic, the CMS thinks this is a great idea. So, that’s what I’m addressing in this […]

Physician Consultant: What Are They and How Do I Become One?

Physician consultants are licensed medical professionals who work on the business side of the medical industry rather than on the doctor-patient relationship side. In general, these consultants help improve medical institutions’ processes by focusing on improving the relations and daily operations of hospitals and medical staff. Physician consultants can also work to ensure a medical […]

Ep #237: How to Become Known for What You Do

Have you ever been in a Facebook Group where somebody says they need a specific type of doctor, and within a few minutes, multiple people have tagged the same doctor in the comments? Well, this is what happens when somebody becomes known for what they do. This is exactly how we all want to be […]

How Doctors Can Start a Medical Staffing Agency Business

Even before COVID-19 hit the planet, there were consistent clinical and non-clinical staff shortages across the healthcare continuum. ECRI, one of the most trusted voices in healthcare, lists the number one topic on their Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns 2022 as staffing shortages. They state that before 2021 there was a growing shortage of healthcare staff, but […]

Ep #235: How I Handle the Confusion That Comes with Entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur, confusion is something that comes up all the time. I know it maybe seems like I know what I’m doing 100% of the time, but confusion is part of everyday life as an entrepreneur. It’s all about how you show up and handle the confusion that comes hand-in-hand with entrepreneurship. The truth […]

[Guide] How to Rank Well on Google as a Doctor

I think it’s fair to say that life before Google was significantly different than life since Google has become a household name. They democratized access to information and brought the real world online. Society even upgraded the company’s name from a proper noun into a verb. That’s powerful. Gone are the days of phone books […]