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Ep #173: What if it Works?

A lot of times, when we have new projects or we’re implementing new ideas to take our businesses forward, there is this fear: what if it doesn’t work? So today, I’m challenging you to think differently. I want you to ask yourself instead, what if it works? This concept will change your business forever. If […]

Ep #172 How I Created Massive Growth In My Business With Dr. Rashmi Schramm

This is a special podcast episode hosted by Dr. Tamara Beckford. She interviews Dr. Rashmi Schramm who shares her experience in the EntreMD Business School. Dr. Rashmi shares how she experienced exponential growth personally and professionally once she decided to join the Business School. She got the courage to make her business big and understood […]

Ep #171: Facebook Ad Abuse

We need to talk about Facebook Ads, but not in the way you might expect. I came across a doc recently who was asking for advice about how they can use Facebook Ads to promote their business. Nothing unusual about that. But their reason for using them was because, in their words, “I need patients […]

Ep #170 What Really Happens In The EntreMD Business School

In this EntreMD podcast episode, Dr. Una gives you a rundown of the EntreMD Business School and what really happens on the inside. This episode is for anyone who is thinking of enrolling in a business school. This is the episode that will answer most of your questions and help you make an informed decision […]

Ep #169: Your Tribe is Your Secret Superpower

One thing that has really helped my business grow is having a tribe around me. And I’m not talking about just any group of people, but this is a tribe I have built intentionally. So, if this is something you don’t have right now, this episode is going to be a real gamechanger because we’re […]

Ep #168 How to Continually Dream Bigger

A week ago, I went on a road trip with my husband and we went to Gaylord Opryland that had 513 rooms. Made out of rocks. And it was built in 1913. And it was just an amazing place.  And I started to think to myself, what was the creator thinking? Like what made that […]

Ep #167: How Can I Stop Struggling with Content Creation?

I asked what you guys wanted help with in the Facebook group recently, and one doc asked how they can stop struggling with content creation. Now, this is a thought I used to think myself. But since those days, I’ve been creating multiple podcasts every week, I’ve been creating content for the Business School, and […]

Ep #166 The Time To Own Your Voice Is Now

Owning your voice will change the way you show up in your life and your business.  When you let self-judgment overwhelm you, you hesitate to share your ideas with the world and you might lose the chance to put yourself out there.  That is exactly what happened to me three years ago. In 2018, after […]

Ep #165: 7 Things That Can Stop You from Accomplishing Your Goals

Do you know why you haven’t achieved your goals yet? Well, after this week’s episode, not only will you know why, but you’ll know how to move forward as well. What I’m giving you today is a masterclass, so get your notebook ready. I’m discussing the seven things that keep us entrepreneurs from achieving our […]